Purple is money's favorite automobile

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Scientists compare the genetics and mutations of 99 strains of the common cold virus

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static electricity loves apple turnovers

My fish wants to say hello to everyone.

potty breaks


Willy Wonka

Venetian blinds

When having your prostate checked, you should not feel both the doctor's hands on your shoulders.

grape flavored nerds


Accessible sprinkler system raining down jelly beans


I need a break adjustment

The voices are telling me to shave the carpet again.

Mercury makes horrible toothpaste

Santa Claus tries on all the bras he gives out for Xmas.

yellow showers kill spring flowers

These are my other pants.

foot fetish

Battle Royale!!!!

happy St. Patrick's Day

Ninja rap.

National Talk Like a Grasshopper Day

Rubber ducky you're the one. You make bath time lots of fun.


That's what I was going to say.


The land fish are taking over Manhattan.

Photo albums spanked the sea kittens

My boobs are doing the macarena.

More than meets the toenail

Banana flavored tissues make perfect seat covers.

a melting clock is no substitute for a good eye patch

Todays special is laundry soap soup with a touch of paint chips

The moon is made of gouda.

The yellow brick road ate my homework

Fifty two penguins were chasing after a car full of midget clowns.

bottled karma meets with rapid serenity within a sealed field of illusions

Where's the beef?

Marbles gargle with toliet paper and sweet tea

Dancing squirrels like to wear moccasins while eating cat liter.

Japanese Anime that is made in Brazil is disease to idle hands of circus fleas

Happy Birthday.

Klingons in winter met the standardized FBI requirements for riding school buses but only if pigeons fly east on a day not ending in "J"