My Sexy - New Year Resolution !

This new year , i want to make my sexy body to look more Beautiful with a Firmer & Curvier Butt  , as i want to wear a much more shorter mini skirts on my smooth legs & 'G-strings' panties on me. Hope this would helps me to boost my confidence & multiply my self-esteem.... for a fresh start ! Let LIFE begins ! - cdson @ Nikita .
cdson cdson
2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Your resolution is most definitely working sweetie!!
I love your naughty and teasing panty peeks!! So smooth and girly flat!! And your body is curvy hot!!

Honey, i am sure u would look more feminine , gorgeous & very sexy , once you have firm up your butt ,especially if u wear a very short & tight mini jeans pants, that could reveal your body curve & your butt line ! U would look so hot & sexy if u bend over your hip. Then , i wanna put my long & hard **** into your butt so deep in, pushing in & out from your ***. Oh honey, it make me 'wet' fantasies of you !