My First Squirter...surprise!

One of my old g/f s,who was a model/coke fiend/****/party animal,whose pic is in my profile, x g/f s,and who also is the prettiest of the lot,was a compulsive ***********/squirter.she would start frigging herself barely a minute into our foreplay/make out sessions,and would slam her ***** furiouslywhile I watched!but what she really enjoyed was squirting in my face and catching me off guard...the more surprised and shocked I was, the more she d milk that ***** juiceing@ least 4 or5 feet Before drenching my face,neck,and chest in her gusher of ***!the first couple o times shocked me,but I got used to it......she was a huge show off,I used to **** her in nite clubs all the time,she wearing a short skirt w/no pantys.....would just sit on my **** and ride/bounce **** me.
raquel7 raquel7
41-45, M
Sep 6, 2012