I Squirted, Came And Pissed Like Hell With My New Jelly *****!!

I got a new jelly ***** yesterday. (It's beautiful! Hot pink, 8 inches and super wide!)

My friend came over today...she and I used to **** until she got married and her husband ended it.

But she knew I was stressed.

We ******** off our clothes...and yep, my fave... the kitchen table!

She licked my **** while I admired her bare **** which are really pretty.

She gave me the ride of a lifetime with the *****. I need a real pounding..I am kind of into pain and pleasure.

So, while she rammed me with the ***** and licked my ****, I pulled on my nipples SO HARD! Damn, it felt good.

First, I had a really hard clitoral ******. Then I felt that famous pressure..but I had to pee!!
I offered to go to the restroom, but she is kinky too and let me **** on her ****.

Then, it happened. That ***** was magic! I think this was the best sex I have ever had.
Meanwhile, we talked...what her husband doesn't know won't hurt him.

So, I played with her **** - and gave her nipples a run for their money. That alone made her ***! (Damn, I love the table and chair...proper dining is so hot!)
But I ****** her with the ***** and licked her tiny ****...sucked it off.

She also pissed!!! My **** were covered with golden urine.


I had a messy kitchen to deal with later, but we actually didn't deal with it then..we laid on the sofa nude with our ******* against each other and slept.

Then when we awoke, we decided to **** again on the living room carpet but this was just gentle sucking and licking (with a little ****).


Gentleman, feel free to comment if this got you off, but make no offers. I don't want a man...have had my share. I want *******! Have a good one!
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Wow I am so glad the two of you enjoy each other to that extent. I love squirters

great story

My ***** tingled reading that....so hot!

That is so hot. I would have loved to be there watching.

again thayts sooooooo sexy !!!!

Damn....just Damn....

Oh, I was saying damn!! ****!! **** me harder!! Oh my God!!

It was an awesome ******/squirt/**** whatever you wanna call it!!!

I wish that was the one time I'd have made a sex tape!!! I'd like to watch myself pulling on my nipples with all of my force while the pink jelly **** was ramming my *****!

Yeah? That makes two of us. Or more correctly thousands of us. You're unbelievable.

I just love "jelly" ****** because they kinda squish when my vag clamps down on them during an ******. I have a jelly double dong the flexes do you can use both ends in both holes when you are by yourself.

Well. I had never had a toy except a cheap hard traditional vibe someone gave my office mates and me as a joke. It didn't impress me. But I read an article about squirting and they mentioned the jelly - especially mine, which has an upturned tip to manipulate the G-Spot. A man at the port store - I was embarrasssed, but then said, Jeez..it's his job.
That ****** blew me AWAY! Now, we did learn he wasn't putting anywhere close to enough force on my G with his fingers and wasn't going fast enough. So that made a difference.

Normally, peeing is actually part of our sexual acts..but I was embarrassed at first. I had one lady tell me she ****** between every ****** and squirt, just leaves a bucket (or not = we have a mop) by the bed. So maybe I wasn't letting myself go. Now I know what to expect and when.

I want one of those vibes your ride next...and then nipple suction machines.

But, gotta run...guess what I am going to do? ha ha~

If you want to make your ******* more intense and like a splashing water gun when you squirt love juices then you should invest in a good set of benwah balls and practice with them along with kegels. By strengthening your vag muscles you will find that not only you can squirt masive amounts of girly cream but you will shoot it far (I have shot over 7 feet) and hard at your partner and blow her away in shock. LOL Lmao

I will check into it. I came so hard last night the ***** went flying across the room and under the refrigerator. (I like to have my bare *** on the kitchen table and have him, or her pull up a chair for dining pleasure. THIS MAKES ME ALMOST *** TO THINK OF IT!)
Of course, I use my table manners!!

well Have a good time tonight.

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