My Ex

I didn't even know squirting existed until the first time I slept with my ex!

She was great in bed, up for any position and location (we had sex in some very public places).

The first time we were in bed I took the first opportunity I could to give her oral as it my favourite part of sex. Having been down there pleasuring her and my self for about 20 mins she screamed she was going to ***. Sure enough she did with waves of hot gushing squirts all down my throat and over my face. I nearlly shoot my load just thinking about it,

Looking back I can't believe I wasn't suprised so much that I pulled away. In the heat of the moment though I loved it.
cuniadict cuniadict
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5 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Squirters are awesome! Nothing sexier or hotter than when a babe squirts all over your face or your **** ! my ex gf would squirt on my **** and id lose it and explode deep inside of her when she squirted all over my **** ! mmmm

My wife is the same way! When she squirts (daily now that the kids are away), I love getting my face in there!

i know what you mean. i love eating ***** as the girl squirts. i love the taste and feel of her ******* all over me.

went through 3 mattresses because of my kitty .....

mmmmmmmm i would love to be laying on my back as you kneel over me and squirt out a beautiful hot ******

Good lord. Man! What is NOT to love about that?