Where Is Her Real Essence Now? Doesn't Our Essence Join It's Kind?

Cath, we never met. But that doesn't matter anymore. Now you know what every mortal wants to know.  The answers to questions asked across the millennia since humans have walked the earth.  We understand that "death" is NOT opposite of Life, but only opposite of birth. So, you go on living. And that we can't grasp so long as we are subject to these forms that we call "I", of which You are Free now.  How bound together this makes us feel. A little glimpse of reality, since we ARE bound together, although we walk past each other and ignore each other and even dare to mistreat one another some times.  But You are not bound to gravity as we are. And, not understanding that liberation, we want to stay here, as very long as possible, gripped by varying degrees of fear.  May your rest be absolute.  With respect and appreciation for your journey, Evania

Evania Evania
41-45, F
1 Response Jun 4, 2010

She is a great lady. I was blessed to know her in this lifetime.