One Never Forgets When An Angel Has Finished Her Work By Touching So Many

I've know this beautiful lady for some time now and she has remained with me since her passing, even more so. I refuse to sorrow her passing any more and be happy that she is in a far better place. She had already paid the price for her illness, Its time she was paid back 10 folds. Since we had mat, she has opened my eyes to so many things, she always had this positive attitude about everything and even seen the good in some of those of whom I felt didn't deserve her attention let alone for to be kind to the very same people..

I will forever be in her debt for bringing the best out in me and showing me that i do have a lot to give and share. I ill also forever love her for loving me unconditionally and she never picked out any flaws in me, even when I had so many.

Thank you Cathy for being the very person I needed and I again will continue on in your place if I can to help those who are wiling to come and talk about what ever it is that is bothering them or perhaps can't find any answers.

You are and will always be an angel to me and as far as I see it, you have already earned your wings

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you are correct, besides there are better things to concentrate on like this huge project.<br />
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please don't let people wind you m8 you are better than that

you have said your last and final word on here, can't take any hints can you?

then make sure you tell her that she is in my thoughts and prayers, she will understand. Yes I do know how she loathed vulgarity and I am sorry for that. I should have used better judgement. Please forgive my poor judgement

I warned you

you come on like a bloody idiot who feels that because he knows her family. I too have been contact with her family as well. I have family that I may not know more about than her friends. My point is there is always two sides to a person. The one I knew well enough brought out things in me that i felt never existed. So again, before you spout out against those who have had the honor of knowing her well enough to speak in her place.<br />
I am very aware of the arrangements that were made, her back ground and how well her children are being cared for. Need I say more? Or do you have more negative spouting to carry on with?<br />
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I don't care to know who the bloody the hell you are nor will I waste any more time with anyone who feels that they have to put her deeper into th ground when she can't defend herself.<br />
<br />
Away with you or I will have you admonished from here

Bloody fruit cake

If you think for one moment that you know it all, let me tell you this and keep in mind, you don't have any clue s to who or what you are talking to or about. Kind and gentle are we? The only person who had that king of nature was her. So before you come on and start tarnishing what eve it is you want to put out on this sight. try and remember that there are more who know her better than you can ever hope to know.<br />
She was the only one who showed any kindness and respect than you can ever wish to gain. Don't just come on and try to rob the memory of Cathy because no matter what you say or do will not change the fact that she is a hell of a loot better than you

if you read into what I was saying, her passing I will never forget, I do know that she is ina far better place than where she was, I talked with her through all of her treatments to keep her mind off the side affects. my heart aches because I do miss this wonderful lady.<br />
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Don't jump to conclusions when there is no basis. I have passed beyond the sorrows and for that I will continue on in her loving memory. I will always love Cathy and the memories she left with me. She asked me to promise her to continue on and live, she aid that she will never leave me and she is right. She is always with me.

There is no way that a person can put a price on valued endearing friendship, yet its a high price when one loses sight of that. This why its so important to me to emphasize the importance of friendship.

They say that you really don't have to listen to hard to hear the whisper of some one as kind hearted and true to her convictions. That is the most profound and loving comment I have seen so far, thank you for having such a loving spirirt