You Should See Us In Private!

And I need to clarify. Although i am touched by seeing mixed race couples, it's more because of the fact that it inspires me a little bit. You see, i am in a mixed race relationship... and how!  I am 42, white, what people might stereotype as middle class, despite the long hair and tie dyes.  "Miss B" is 23, black, from "the west side of town", has 3 kids and would be stereotyped as a welfare mom. I think when my girlfriend and i get those looks when we're in public, we maybe have a little too much fun with it.  There is a little frustration that we are sterotyped the way we are. But being a longtime fan of the Grateful Dead who wears tie-dyes, refuses to cut his hair (no matter what), and doesn't lead a convential life, by any means, it doesn't rile me up or anything.  I am also the "bi*ch" in the relationship, you might say.  I'm a man's man, mind you, having worked in construction and the outdoors most of my life.  but in the past year or so, i've found out that i can accomplish way more in life, be much happier and less stressed, if i embrace a submissive role in my relationships.  Miss B is naturally dominant in personality and while I might be a little more knowledgeable about some things in life, i let her call the shots

This is an update as of August 30.  I've decide to leave my beautiful Miss B. Relationships are tough, everyone knows that. And this breakup is extremely difficult considering how much i do love her. But what the heart and "that which hangs" have to say, don't always match up with the classic pro/con list the head develops after suddenly realizing that "Hey. I haven't been happy about this union for quite sometime." And I haven't been. truth be told. i've been trying to get out of it for awhile. I even think my writing here at EP sometimes serves me negatively, providing me a forum with which i can rationalize the bad and embellish the good as is my nature.

Does the fact that we are of different races and socioeconomic backgrounds play a part in the dissolution that i foresee coming? Yes, if for no other reason than we lack some common ground for commu.  nication at times. This probably isn't even the best place to write this and i may cross-post it somewhere else but i recently received a comment, revisited the story, and said to myself " Uh that's not entirely painting an accurate picture of where we are at as a couple. Thanks for your support if you took time to read this.
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Makes sense to me, if you want to happy let her lead!