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A Free Gesture

Especially when life becomes too violent, it has to be a bit of tenderness. So after a long time,
we can look back and smile, without even knowing why.
Tenderness is...
something pure
a free gesture
always good
Just can make magic.

Tender hugs to each one of you. :)
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Thank you for the warmth you have put in my heart and the peace that you have put in my mind. My soul is smiling widely! Hugs!

ah... lets not forget the art of patience too my dear friend :-)<br />
<br />
hugs back to you.


Endless tenderness and hugs to you too Princess :-) (((((tenderness)))))

tender is beautiful and delicate .. .very precious

Hi's such a gentle yet powerful emotion...and beautiful!

Yes we all need those precious moments of tender, secure, peacefulness when we can get lost in a hug.<br />
<br />
Thanks princess :-)