My middle son Nathan has always brought me a flower from time to time. He is so sweet and has done this since he was young. I remember when he was little he would pick them in places like business that your not suppose

He would run and pick one and run back to me and say here mom for u. I say thank you Nathan and give him a kiss, and i always put it in a little vase or something and keep it for a few days.

He has brought me two flowers this week and he is 14 and still does it. I am touched that he is so sweet and thoughtful, and he usually kisses my chick and hands it to me and says i love you mom.

I just always feel so lucky. It makes me smile too.

frosti frosti
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 19, 2009

How very touching. The simple gestures of love and caring that flow easily from a good hearted person are the best treasures!<br />