4 My Sgt - Mmm i Need Your Kiss Right Now

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Okay i will send you a new message. See what you think of it.

when did you ask me? Send it to me again... I forget we are on stories.

I don't like to talk about it in stories. I don't want people to know what is inside me.

What did you ask me I probably had my head in my boyfriend. sorry.

I was asking you before but you never got back to me about it.

That makes sense and I will help you all I can. I am very passionate and sensual and I don't mind answering questions.

Well when i got out of my live or die environment, and i was no longer being abused i wasn't really sane in my head. I was lost and in pain for many years. Depression and anger wasted my body away, it has taken myself 7 months just to get back in shape. I still have a hard time letting people get close to me out of fear or being drop again, but i am also more curious then i have been.

Other things?

I don't know either. I haven't kissed anyone before. Not really sure how actually. That sounds pretty lame, but i was doing other things most my life.

i don't know because I get too loose when I am drunk so I don't get drunk around men.

What about drunk people who make out at parties? What are they feeling?

Exactly, when you are feeling the feelings that i am feeling now you will want to kiss someone and never stop.

So i can't see why it is great because i haven't had anyone close to me like that before?

It is so intimate.... You are face to face with the person and for me there has to be love or you are not getting my tongue. It is because you are using all your senses but focused on that person.... you are tasting them and breathing them in.. it is almost like you are breathing in sync with them and your tongues are dancing intimately together in and out of the others mouth. You feel there body do close to you and you feel their heart beating against you and if you are lucky he is caressing you and putting his hand through your hair and you feel electricity through your body. Dayum it now my nipples are hard. I don't need that now. lol

I keep asking what people like about kissing but no one has told me yet.