In the Head

I am going batty.  My grandmother is making me that way.  I love her very much, but her Alzheimer's continues to progress and she has become very mean, she lies, she cusses, and she does mean and nasty things. She has also become a kleptomaniac and I am so afraid I will be with her one day when she has stolen something and I will be arrested as a co conspirator. We all know that fungirl would NOT make it in prison. 

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Aww thanks y'all

Fungirl, this isn't funny, but I think all you can do is laugh in certain situations or else you really would go batty. That soccer ball part did make me laugh. I mean, what on earth? Alzheimer's is a terrible disease and I'm truly sorry you have to go through this with your grandmother.

I'm sorry you are having to deal with this and go through this, Honey, and I know it is hard, but the soccer ball story was funny as hell when you told me about it the other day! Her kicking it around the parking lot! At least there is a bit of humor in the situation. Hugs.

I think it is the most terrible desease in the world. It takes away your entire life before it kills you. My heart really goes out to you, fungirlmmm.

Thanks sweetie.

It is hard and difficult dealing with someone that has flash backs to what they once were and then they go to having the mind of a child and acting like a 3 year old again.<br />
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My parents are going through the same with my grandpa. My grandmother is dealing with him but she needs a few breaks so my mom steps in. <br />
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So here is a hug from me, for you to feel that others know a little of what you are going through.<br />
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Oh yes, she smacked me the other day across my arm. i am just glad she didn't slap me because I hate to think of what I could have done.

LOL.... Goal!!!! I about died when I had to take the soccer ball back to the store. I have no idea how she took that freaking thing out. I mean her purse is HUGE but I still can't figure it out.