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A Woman's Responsibilities

If you have a good, decent man, then do what it takes to make the relationship, the best it can be.  The woman has a great responsibility in a relationship.  She is responsible for making sure her husbands needs are met.  This comes down to keeping a clean home,  he needs a space that he can unwind and relax after a hard days work.  This is not possible if you live in clutter.  Cook for him, if you don't know how, then learn.  Take out food in general is not wholesome and nutritious,  although fine for the once in awhile treat, make sure your family is getting the proper nutrients, they need to thrive.  Be respectful, men have a need to feel that they are respected and admired, much like our need to feel loved and desired.  If you fulfill his needs, odds are your needs will be met in return.  Try to look nice for him, I know life is hectic, kids, the house, errands, the list gos on, and on.  He's not expecting you to look the part of a movie star, but get rid of the sweats, and ratty t-shirts, and anything else of its equivalent and put a small amount of effort into your appearance.  Believe me, he will notice.  Don't forget, he is a man, with the desires a man would have.  Take care of those needs.  And again, yes, life may be hectic, you may be tired.  But if your receptive it is amazing how quickly you can get into the mood. DO NOT  turn him down, it IS rejection.  The only time this does not apply is if you are truly ill. In fact ladies, you may find the more sex you have, the more sex you'll want.  Develope a softer, more feminine side of yourself, so his assertive, strong nature can thrive.
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Beautifully said! As a woman I want no more than to be able to care for a warm, loving home that my husband can come home and we can enjoy together. ~ That to me is such a beautiful thing.

My husband has never required me to be his sex slave or available to him on every whim.<br />
<br />
HOWEVER...I am, and I choose to be. He knows that I will embrace our relationship with full pleasure and I enjoy making him happy.<br />
<br />
In return he makes me VERY happy and makes sure that all of my desires, wants, and needs are fulfilled every time. If they aren't (i.e. we ran out of time/got interrupted), he makes sure that he satisfies me EVEN MORE later. <br />
<br />
I do enjoy it, and our relationship is very happy and flourishing.

I'm so glad you have found your own happiness in life...

I don't think I like very much the idea my only purpose in life is to 'please' a man. I respect your views, like I respect eveyone else's. I just view myself as more than just that. I am my own person, not and never to be expected to care for another if I don't choose to do so. I'm enrolled in a university and will start medical school in the near future. The idea I would be the bread bringer in a marriage, does not bother me in the slightest. My future husband and I would have split responsibilities when it came to the house and taking care of children....Also, I'll look how I want to look, and if I'm not in the mood for sex, by hell I will say 'no'.

I honestly wish you all the luck and happiness the world has to offer. There is no one equation for a fullfilled life, above is mine, I hope you find yours as well...

Nicely written and completely true! If more women would come to realize there's nothing wrong with desiring to take care of your man, the world would be a much better place!

There certainly would be a lot more harmony in the world! :)

Yep...agree with you and feel very much the same. Works for me too. Plus, I have always wondered why women (I guess I mean at least for me) feel they control the access to sexual satisfaction for the man. If someone is to decide when sex is to happen, then why is it the women and not the man? To me, it seems he is my guide, my direction...and this is just something that follows. Plus,(and this is no big secret to any women) it is just NOT that hard to have him satisfied. Usually its just a matter of giving him a little time and attention and in almost no time at all, it happens and everyone can be happy. Hugs. Thanks for posting.

I know I'm commenting on a rather old posting but you're right, it does take so relatively little time to satisfy a man sexually that I really have no excuse not to. In fact it really is selfish of me not to, considering he probably works a minimum of 10 hour days trying to support me. To tell him I'm not interested in sex right at this moment would be, to him, a rejection of HIM as a man. I never that of it from his point of view.

I feel woman is to be submissive to her Husband in every aspect of their life together. I will remember this part of it when I get married, and be a better wife for it.

Thank you for commenting! To him it probably feels like a full acceptance of him as he is, and how he feels, what he why not embrace that?! It can be a great moment, repeatedly, for both of us!

It also fits into the submissive wife I want to be.

I say 'wisdom' because so many could (and arguably should) pay attention to such attitudes and ideas. Many would equally benefit. You're quite welcome. It's very refreshing to read what you share.

You made some great points, thank you for sharing! I'm on my own journey of submission and found this inspiring!

I'm glad I can help. Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I'll try to come back later and leave you a list of books that you may find helpful. I know I did, when I first began my journey, in fact I still do. Good luck, hope your on your way to finding the happiness I have.

You speak the truth! So many people need to hear and understand this. Thank you so much for sharing such wisdom. *hugz* :)

Thank you for enjoying my story. I don't know about wisdom, its just the way I live my life. :) , its what takes our relationship from just getting by, to true bliss.