I Am Transgender

My name is sarah and i am transgender. ever since my early teen years iv felt like i want to be a girl i battled with it for years because i was brought up to believe that ,this kind of thing was wrong. After a lot of batteling and fighting i finally accepted myself 2 years ago and since i am seeing a therapist about it who could possibly give me a referral to the gender clinic.

when my folks found out they hit the roof. didnt take it well at all. things between us are pretty toxic. so i am leaving college ,getting out of town and i am going to try and survive on my own so i can live as a woman full time. get a job get a place and hopefully get treatment.

I am scared very much. there is not a waking hour that i am not worried about the future. I know i have the inner strength to get through most things but i guess my fear is of the unknown. I got a lot of hopes and dreams and goals. I feel like time is not on my side. I hope to be living as my female self and had hrt and srs by the time i am 30.

my family and quiet a few friends wont want to see me again. I doubt i will pass as a woman being so tall but i am not in this to pass or please others i am in this to be true to myself and be the girl i know i am.

life is going to get tough but i like to believe i can withstand most problems i encounter.

i hope some day that i will meet mr or mrs right and get married. for now i am working hard to building and securing my future i will put everything i got in to doing so. One day i will be able to look in the mirror at myself naked and be happy with what i see for once.

here is to a new life as sarah bethany.

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You're so Brave! Wow, this must of been a really hard decision to make. Having the whole world pushing you away from who you are. I wish you all the strength in the world. :)

For being so young. Sarah you are wise. " To thy own self be true". It is short but to the point and is true....Solina

Thank you for the warm wishes. I will be myself always. Same goes for you to.

I admire your courage and I wish you well.

Best of luck on your journey Sarah. Be yourself. Be safe and well.

Thanks guys. I am trying to take things one day at a time. The therapist i see was good. he can give me a referral to the gender clinic for treatment. The first thing he asked me when i met him was "how do i think it will change my life."<br />
<br />
I was honest and open and said that i will be happy in my own skin and just happy being myself<br />
and the only thing will change is that life will be harder and i will lose the support of my family.<br />
<br />
i still believe that to be true because they knew 5 years ago that i had these feelings and i came out to them and things went pretty bad and they told me they do not want me to live my life wrong and i am going against god etc and that i am sick for wanting to be a woman.<br />
<br />
maybe they will come around in time but i dont bank on it. Mainly because some of family members are emotionally abusive this is not a happy place for me in this house<br />
the next 6 weeks i will be working on the small changes i can make.<br />
<br />
Getting driving lessons , saving for laser hair removal for my beard and plenty of planning. I got my heart set on getting out of this place so i can be myself no matter what i will try and make that happen.

I know the fears and unknowns that you are facing, as I too go through this although much later in life. I can't undo things I think you're taking a good level headed approach. I have been having therapy with a gender therapist. Another thing I find great is meeting others like me who are in various stages of transition. If you can find a group like this somewhere in your area, it is worthwhile attending. I travel about an hour to see this group. I wish you well in your journey forward, Sarah.

I feel you have the stenght to dothis so go full peed a head.Ive been thrugh it and you ust need to set your goals and go for it. don't wory about being to tall theres lots of tall women out there. just whare shorter heels. I'm sure your parents will come around after a while. and don't count your friends out completely, some the ones that I thought I'd have the most trouble with where my best supporters. good luck Dippzie

Sarah, keepgoing. live strong, do not let anyune side track you from your goal. Just feel good for yoursekf being.<br />
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Hi Sarah Bethany,<br />
<br />
Congratulations on moving forward with such a profound decision so early in life! It is not an easy road to travel at first, but things will definitely get easier. Do seek help and resources for your transition. Once you start, before long, you will be able to look in the mirror naked and feel good about your true self. Don't worry, many cisgender girls are tall!<br />
<br />
Hugs,<br />