I'm not really sure if my case is considered a transgender, but ever since I was a kid i always felt that i am a "man trapped in a woman's body."  I'm 33 yrs old and only had 1 relationship my whole life.  Our relationship lasted for 8 yrs and recently just separated  after i found out that she likewise has a relationship w/ a (married) man who I thought was just her male friend. I'm still heart broken about it, I feel deceived/cheated.  hope i could find solace w/ you guys. 
napindeho napindeho
1 Response Jul 27, 2010

That must have been aweful for you, I encourage you to check out our groups they can often offer support for indiviual situations. Your choice to join EP was a gift... to us and you<br />
thank you and hope you will find the support you are in need of<br />
cheryl EP volunteer