Day Out

The past 3 days have been great. I felt happy and like i fully accept myself for being trans. I woke up monday and i found out about the sale on in town at m&s and i decided to cycle there which is a 14 mile round trip.
I get in there in to town and feel kind of nervous about going in to womans clothing shops but i told myself "pull yourself together" and i went straight in to m&s and they had loads of nice things in the sale.

I was browsing the first day and i found some lovely black velvety bottoms and some lovely underware & bikini bottoms to.

The bikini bottoms where reduced to 50p which was great  you cant go wrong there. the bottoms where £8 i got some lovely  tanga knickers & some hipsters to for £2.50 each.

After i went to asda and they has some straightners reduced Then today i went back to m&s i got some thongs for 50p each some leggings for £2.50
5 pack of tights for £1 and this gourgous night dress for £4.99 and a purple top to go with the bottoms i brought.

i could not wait to get home and try everything on. i get home i get everything done and i go up to my room alone and spend time there as my feminine self in my clothes and make up with my pink rose earrings in.

but deep in side there is a sadness that i cant shift. my mind is on my next appointment with the psychosexual therapist who can refer me to the gender clinic and i know when i get my first appointent through with the gender clinic i will have to have left home by them my family wont want to see me ever again "they made that clear" i guess my sadness hangs around the thought of not seeing them again.

But at the same time i am happy and excited about the appointment to. Its the beggining of the rest of my life as sarah. I long for the day that i have srs.
i never thought i could this close to seeing this day.

so as i lay here all dolled up i have a smile on my face just thinking about the future. i have worked hard these past two years to change my life for the better and things are coming together now. i still have a long way to go and will face issues but i believe i can get through most anything.

i once was a misrable dressed and upset person who saw no future and no life and i was stuck in a rut but two years and a lot of work and a lot of realization about things has helped me move forward. I will be the girl i always knew i was.

i got 2 to 4 years to lose 3 stone so that i am the ideal weight for a woman then when it coems to hormones and surgery they cant say i am oveweight
i have been working hard to lose weight. I have lost about 1 stone in a month which is about 14 pounds
and iv lost 70lbs since i started. only another 42 pounds to go and i am the perfect weight for a girl he he.

i will be proud when i achieve my goal.
sarahbethuk sarahbethuk
26-30, F
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thank you mzdivine x x

Sarah, Thank you so much for sharing!....It is so good you are going the "Whole way"<br />
<br />
<br />
I would be proud to call you a friend!

Congratz, and hope everything works out.

Sarah;<br />
<br />
Best wishes to you, my UK sister. <br />
<br />
I know that over there a trans-person has certain advantages not available to us here in the once-great "Land of the Free", so I suspect you'll do well if you can manage to get over the (hopefully temporary) communication breakdown with your family. <br />
<br />
In any event, please keep in mind that the very best transitions happen from the inside out, so DON'T rush things, and always wear sunscreen.<br />
<br />
Trust me on this.

Thank you

Good luck!

Congratulations!!!!!! I am very happy and glad for you.