Joy And Pain

Having breasts is a wonderful and constant reminder that you are really a girl! I grew my breasts a few years ago and I am still amazed that I even have my own breasts, which are a B-cup size, so they are very noticeable. One thing though, I no longer feel comfortable going 'braless'.
On the flipside of that is I still have the crap between my legs, which I guess I will always have. Thankfully though I haven't had any erections since starting hormone therapy, and even when I decided to discontinue my hormone therapy, I haven't had any of those pesky erections.
Those pesky erections have caused me more pain than pleasure throughout my life. Puberty was nothing short from pure hell for me. My mother and I struggled many times to get my penis to relax enough so mother could bend it back between my legs to snap the crotch of my girdle closed. I also had a hard time on many occasions to sit 'ladylike' with my legs crossed at the knee because of the crap down there.
I honestly believe my life would have been much happier and much easier if only I was born a genetic female, in spite of the problems females have to deal with, such as a menstrual cycle. For one, I wouldn't have to feel guilty at times because of my natural femininity. Second, being bisexual as I am would be more pleasurable, I think because I could receive a man vaginally, instead of only anally, which I don't care too much for.
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I wish you and others can be happy with what's between your legs. As I have said before, you are a woman. What is between your legs doesn't define you. You deserve happiness with yourself. Maybe, with time, you'll learn to live with it. Or maybe you'll find the right lover who will help you accept it. I wish you well.

I know this feeling... I just started the whole process, Honestly, I'm a bit afraid my future, but I experienced, that I can't hold back my true self anymore. I almost lost my job, so its time to change. A few of my lady friend say, you didn't want "those days"; hell yes, I want those days, it would meant, that I'm a real woman. So well, I really want to experience as my breast are growing, and I really not want the "package" between my leg... Maybe my life would not be much happier than now, but at least I will try to be myself. <br />
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As you said, its a joy and pain together....

What a beautiful story. Having breasts must bring satisfaction to you as your inner feelings while growing up were female.

Thank you for the nice comments....Please feel free to E-mail me if you feel like chatting!<br />
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Yes, I know how much your life can change when you decide to live according to the way you feel on the inside. I finally decided to transition m-f and have never regretted it since. One of my biggest worries was being accepted and in the beginning there were alot of awkward moments after I started hormone shots and the physical changes started becoming very apparent. But over time, people accept you the way you are or they dont, It`s the one`s who dont who have the problem, not us. People unconsiousley call me maam, ms, grandma and I have overheard conversations where I am refered to as "she". It`s a different world and a better life and because of the changes brought on by the hormones. Having breasts and a femme figure make life more worth living in my case,Oh and for the curious, the sex is great and seems more natural!