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A couple of weeks before my birthday in 2009 my beloved wife of 12yrs ended her life with my pistol while I was at work. I was at  the time living in Jacksonville,Fl. I had moved there some 26yrs prier and stared my own business remodeling homes on my own ,I was known as the one man gang to my customers. With the unexpected death of my wife and the Lack of any reason why she had done this I was at best devastated, I completed the jobs I had in progress and went home to Indiana my birthplace and stayed through the holidays with my son and his lovely wife in Feb. I returned to Fl. and resumed my business,I loved making other peoples homes their dream, As summer went on I became sicker and sicker finally in Aug. I went to the ER and found I had colon cancer but was too weak to be operated on I spent a long while in the hospital ,and had 4.5ft. of my colon removed along with a grapefruit size cancer. I could not resume my work or support myself when I left the hospital. My son rescued me and took me to his home in Indiana where I stayed at great  burden to his young marriage until I could get my own place again, we now live close to each other but it's really no closer than Fl. as he is busy with his own affairs, the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon. love Shelle
shelle48 shelle48 66-70, F 10 Responses Dec 3, 2011

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omg,,i dont know what to say?! thats so sad.

life can really be a weird journey at times, but what can you do but go on

Very well hun. Kisses & welcome as a fan. I hope you enjoy my pics. there are more but refuse to load up on this site for some reason. Some are over 1 mg but not all & still won't load.

Thks Shell for your answer; may I ask why do you think she would ask the neighbor to wake her so that she would be up in time to prepare your dinner. I think maybe she just decided that quick, the pain was not tolerable any more from the loss of her dog? Although I do not beleve in Phichiatry or most any doctor either but some therapy along the way there may have done her some good, maybe is all but you are not to blame of course with your obligation to earning a living goes. Bless you Shell & you are in my prayers. What of your cancer????

Her parents had her in therapy on and off most her life, she ran away on them too. By the grace of god my cancer is in remission right now, your'e never safe till about 5yrs out , just passed one. I becoming very focused on Shelle right now other wise I think of following my wife.

I really think it came over her in an instant, however she had been drinking that day something she didn't do well,I tried to keep her away from it,but others gave drinks not knowing of her history with alcohol,she beat the hell out of me a couple of times. couldn't bring myself to fight back.

More about my departed wife, her father who I dearly loved told me I was the only one she ever stayed with for more than a few months. We were together for 12yrs. She did run away a few days at a time once in a while then she would call me and say come get me,usually at some bar. I always did as unconditional love is just that,I never ask her to explain just loved on and didn't bring it up again Shelle.

Hi Shell, I hope you have recovered from your cancer as you never said or I don't remember reading about it. I would howver be interested to know why your wife took her life. Someone knows why she did & if she didn't leave a note she figured she didn't need to for what reason hun? I'm sure you have ben asked this but honestly unless she was playing with your gun she knew what she was doing & ask yourself this question; Why would a person take their own life without giving the reason or apology? Either you want to mistle your readers or believe there are people that believe your wife would do this with sound mind & expect us to believe it too; no sir. I for one want to know hun. If you decide to confess to me something i will not disclose anything you tell me to anyone even if I was socially or legally obligated. I'm just asking .Pearlann...

My best guess is that we had a little dog named sox who was her best friend in life, who was run over and killed a few days before, she was very depressed about that and she had a life long history of mental illness. That day started like any other I kissed her goodbye before work she said I love you. during the day she went grocery shopping and purchased $90 in groceries went home and put them away, when I came home from work I found her.She told the neighbor she was tired and was going to take a nap at 4pm and to wake her so she could fix my dinner in an hour. I miss her so. Shelle

sorry don't seem to be ungracious but my family has avoided me since Vietnam they all live here but rarley contact me, guess that's good since i'm not who they think i am.Shelle

Love comes to us in the places we find it. but life happens as we make plans. Shelle

I wish I still lived in Fl. It's warm there, the cold can come from every where here. hugs Shelle

What? abandoned you when you were finally on your own. Shelle Didn't even get a bday call this year.

yes know where you are coming from the only family i had left was my younger brother 2008 he did the same thing