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I Love Love Love Transgender Erotica Stories, And ****. Please Help!

Im a young girl, I enjoy both men and women. However, whenever i ********** i find that not matter what i start watching or reading it always leads me to watching T/S ****, like ******* every time. I cant explain specifically why i get so hot, i just do. Some of the things that really get me wet is when erection can still be achieved, and ****** is always a plus. If you are a T/S, please, please, please talk to me!
thatgurl52 thatgurl52 22-25, F 21 Responses Apr 6, 2012

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Hi, I wish I could met you! Girls like you are a god sen to transgender women like me. Believe me, a lot of m2f trans people are rather more lesbian that straight in my experience. I certainly want to be completely a woman (sex and all), but I just love other women. Going out shopping with a supportive partner to buy clothes, go for a meal or to the cinema is so much more fun for both, not to talk about making love, So find yourself a nice t-girl and enjoy yourself according to your nature.

i am straight but i love ts **** too. I think it's so ******* sexy that you like it.

I like written and video. That being said, I could open an ABS with all the TS videos I have. I am fortunate to say, I have been with some Tgirls for sex. I paid for it and am not ashamed to say so. I don't even have any interest anymore in genetic girls or guys for that matter. My preference are Tgirls without a doubt. However I do have a strong sissy streak in me and would love to have some sissy sex. My interest in genetic girls would only be to help feminize me and fashion tips along with shopping. Tgirls are incredible lovers!!!

I much prefer written stories to video. I love the feeling of having it in my derriere and being crossdressed while a man has his way with me makes it even better.

I couldn't agree more

Glad we agree dear! I'm TG more than TS though....

I would love to support and spoil a TOTAL **** i become more and more femme..

I hope you like my stories.

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Lets make the journey together, you can turn me into YOUR ts

Best of both worlds.

I'm gay but I have done crossdressing before. I have also gone out with transgendered people before. I agree, it is an amazing feeling.

I agree.. I watch a lot... <br />
I'd love to friends and get to know you...

Hi. I was told to look you up and see that you were refered to me? I guess because I'm a transgender, too. Born boy, became the girl I was meant to be. The only thing I read by you is that you get all horny and excited when watching ****? Is it male **** or female **** that gets you off? Doesn't matter, really. **** is ****. It's there to get peeps excited and it sure does it for me too. I have sex with men and women both and belong to a swingers group where everyone pretty much ***** everyone in every way possible. If you read the stories (all true) I've written you'll see a lot of the things wwe do in our weekly group. The secret is - don't be upset by your sexuality, no matter what gender gets you hot. Embrace your sexuality. Nothing wrong with that. My boyfriend is strictly a straight male, yet he decided to date me after knowing I went from being male to female. Now he goes to my swingers group with me and he's been making great progress in all areas. Slowly he's learning that even having sex with a man (for him) is ok to do. He's getting there and so can you.<br />
<br />
If I'm completely off on how I read your plea for help, please let me know what you really want.<br />
<br />
Hugs & kisses,<br />
<br />

Nope, you pretty much nailed it lol

Molly you are a BRILLIANT woman. I love you from afar!

A great place to read TS **** is at

Look up Mollymcbutternuts..I think you will like her. She's beautiful.

trans **** is the best so agree

I love watching transgender **** too! I love wearing panties and bras and being kinda feminine too. I have always wanted to have sex with a girl while wearin lingerie. Is that considered transgender ?

Loved your story. If you wish perhaps check my profile and see whether it appeals. If so you might like to talk. <br />
<br />
Kind regards,<br />
<br />

I know How you feel exactly:] its like everything in a woman but with a penis... like the best of both worlds!

I'm not a TS, but I am a crossdresser sweetie. And what shall we talk about? I'm on Yahoo messenger: jamiesissycd

I am a male but love the T/S very much, can almost understand what you are saying!

if your horny lets chat