Iv been on hormones a while and after several blood tests, the endocrinologist says that because of my size ,age that I am healthy and my testosterone levels are in range of male ,that I will need blockers.

at $400 a throw for 3 months worth its crippling financially ,iv got enough for the first injection, it is supposed to cause your body to stop testosterone production and as long as you keep up the implants you should have lower testosterone levels.

which means "as the endro said" that I wont have any more erections ,hair should reduce and so on.

hopefully my gp will change the private prescription to nhs. if not I will have to pay for up to 6 months worth if I can and remain on them and hopefully the GIC will continue and gp will then have to prescribe.

my breasts are growing nicely "sadly not that sensitive yet"

Anxiety of medicine is getting less ,the endocrinologist put my mind at ease.

not so worried about risks any more.

I am just happy living as I should have from day 1.

I will be glad when the morning wood "erections" go. every morning ,waking up with them upsets me. throughout my teen years ,until date ,I can remember nothing but bad memories of having erections.

iv come a long way, got a long way to go. I will be glad of the day that I dont have any unwanted hair and that my breasts are developed and that I go through surgery and can see my new vagina.that will be the icing on the cake.

then I can move on with my life.

waiting for that day is hard. if I could have surgery tomorrow I would. if someone said to me ,drop what your doing ,its time for surgery ,I would be out of the door like a dash ,heading for the hospital.

Sarah x
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they ship anywhere, I used this site before going on supervised HRT

I get my meds from a legit place "GP"

this is a legit pharmacy, the only difference is that they ship world wide. I had a pharmacy check out the meds when they first came in and they were compared with the ones he uses and found no discrepancies in the packaging, tamper proof protections, and the pill size,shape and identity stamp. I took them for 3 months prior to getting on the HRT path via a gender therapist. They ship from Australia and take 3-4 weeks to arrive in a plain brown wrapped box. For me it was the telling proof of what I need to do, its all in my featured story and the comments to that first post. Always be safe, they were quite affordable for me and I would not suggest it if I had any indication that this is not a legit resource.

why would you need when there are doctors to prescribe? unless you self med which I never did

As my story shows, I did for 3 months just to prove to myself this is the path I needed to follow. Buy the third month I had already figured out that this is the answer I have been looking for so long.

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Sarah, you can probably get what you need on-line at a much reduced cost to a private sc<x>ript and you should have no problems importing them into the UK.<br />
With the combination of the oestrogen and blockers, you T levels will drop over time and your body will feminise. Being young for you it will be much faster than for us older TS women.(Look for Yahoo group TSHormones for on-line suppliers)

My hormones after 3 months are Test at 53 and Estrogen at 63, tomorrow I will get an increase and my estrogen will be increased to around 175 which is the target we are looking for. Ever so closer to the right mix. My breasts have really turned it up a notch now that my testosterone is so low. Life is so good on HRT Avenue ...

Well good things come to those who wait, Sarah, and I am sure they will for you as well. It is trying to take one step at a time. Fortunately for me I didn't need blockers because my male/female hormones were at the balance point so a little in the way of female hormones pushed me nicely into the female range, thank you. And my doctor has kept me on a low dosage so the changes have been slower in coming, but come they have ... it just took time and patience on my side.<br />
I am sure you will in, say a year, look back and be surprised by how quickly things have happened and how you have become more of the woman on the outside that you felt within. Believe me girlfriend, it happens.