Acceptance, Love And Responsibility

I always believed that the possibility was there because there are all kinds of things that can go wrong in a human's body.  So if someone is transgender because there is an imbalance in their hormones or their appearance doesn't match up in all their body parts, that makes perfect sense. 

But to say we "feel" like we aren't the right gender, just doesn't make sense to me.  People "feel" lots of things.  There are days people "feel" like killing another person, but would not do so.  There are days people "feel" like not acting responsibly and speeding down the highway at high rates of speed without any regards for other people's welfare.  There are days when people "feel" like staying in bed instead of going to work to help their family.  There is nothing wrong with how you "feel" and no one should be mean or hate someone for having these feelings.  However, you do not act on every feeling that you have.  Acting on feelings results in irresponsible behavior, total disregard for your fellow man, and a shunning of any personal or religious ethics.  We see the result of people acting on their "feelings" instead of behaving responsibly in human killing and mistreatment of other humans, gambling at the expense of their family, drinking to excess and driving often times hurting or killing another human that had as much right to live as they. 

I am bipolar and I have to choose each day if I will act appropriately or give in to whatever the feeling is for that day.  Although at times it is a struggle, 99% I act responsibly because I choose to.  I have a son who is 28 years old and for 26 years of that time lived, behaved, acted, thought, had interests like, and looked like a normal male.  Hormone levels and other physical tests also concur that he is a normal 28 year old male.  However, after having some stress in his life and making some bad choices, he has decided he "feels" like he should be female.  This does not sound like he doesn't have a choice. I really feel for those people who really don't have a choice and were born with things truly wrong.  But his is a choice and an affront to the true transgender community, and irresponsible as he has chosen this "feeling" over family, friends, and anything else of value. 

And if you question any part of it, you are trans-phobic, or a hate monger, or "behind the times".  There is a right and wrong.  Pretending to be another gender just because it feels better at least at the time is wrong!  And it seems to be impossible to get unbiased answers in either direction because there is so much emotion ("feelings") behind this issue.  Let's become an enlightened society and not one always looking out for one's personal interests!  Let's be sensitive to the people who are truly different by no choice of their own and treat them with respect and love.  But let's not assume that everyone falls into that category.  Examine yourselves to determine if you are acting on facts or on feelings.  And above all love one another.
JaneenI JaneenI
May 14, 2012