my endocrinologist said that my T levels where at normal male range and that estrogen alone wont lower it
so he prescribed me Decapeptyl 11mg which is a new drug. its supposed to shutdown the T production and at first it overloads your T production and it causes it to go in to hyper drive and then it shuts down.

I am anxious but happy. I am unhappy with erections and sex drive and other things.

so at the weekend the nurse jabs me in the tummy or the butt with with a needle and for 3 months i blocks my T.

I may only need 4 or 5 shots before surgery.

in a year or so time , I will be complete "hopefully".

they are sending me for an ultrasound to see if there is any signs of my missing testicle otherwise if its still inside me it could cause problems after surgery.

I feel like I am in the best care with my dr and endro.

Sarah is happy but still plagued a little by anxiety over medicines. I am trying hard to overcome it.

hopefully my skin will soften ,I wont smell like sweaty man any more and over time the endro is sure that my body hair will reduce.
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

It won't be too long before things happen for you. Being young is a huge advantage.

It sounds like you will have one last big sweaty man stage, then all that will be gone forever. Lucky girl x

good luck