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I am days away from chemical castration "implants" the thing is ,I am a virgin and part of me thinks "you will never know what it was like to have sex" Then I think maybe I should go out and try and have sex. But then I think no ,i would be for the wrong reasons.

In recent years ,Just sex didnt seem right, I could never picture myself making love as a male.

I am quite happy tonight ,and feel ok about not having had sex. when I pleasure myself ,I some times enjoy and I just think "I should make the most of it while it still works" other part of me wonders what life will be like after chemical castration.

I have picture in my mind of there being lots of crying and not much energy because of blockers.
I am scared but at the same time ,I think its something I need to do.

if you leave it until after surgery to find out how you feel without any testosterone ,by then it will be too late.
I worry about my health but I believing that what I am doing is right for me. I believe I am a better person of having transitioned.

I used to Hate myself , I was depressed and did not care for life. I was not a very nice person to know.
it all seems a distant memory now.

I just hope and prey and I make it through transition alive.

one thing is for sure. I keep holding my breasts ,to see if they are still there, I cant believe I have some of the right parts now. when they feel sensitive ,it feels great.
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Medicine is not the solution these follow after effect, try to be happy and positive in good mood, you try to find a friend to make you laugh and caring for you. please do not take it advice of a doctor or elder. do whatever you like with care and honesty.

The lack of testrone has not decreased my energy levels at all.

that is probably because they got your E dose correct. I wasnt go lucky "being started on 0.5 then put up to 1mg and then put on blockers. I am now on 2mg and dont have that issue

we got lucky I suppose, yesterday I had my 3 month review, my testosterone is at 54 (yeay!) (with a dose for my body mass of 100mg daily) and my Estrogen is at 62, he increased my estrogen from 2mg/day to 3 mg/day and this will put me where I wanted to be. He said the target window is 50 - 200, as I plan to take them the rest of my life I will be content to get it to above 100 and just move forward. I joined up with a group of gals ding Zumba 2x weekly, its tough moving my carcass around like these filly's but its a hoot of fun and it can do me no harm.

that is pretty high. My T was at 20 when I started and my E is 209

It may be that you're looking at different measurement units and that there is a difference, I do know that 20 is about middle of the normal male level. My current T levels are less than 1. The adrenal glands also produce small amounts of testosterone which we do need.

my baseline test for my testing started at 430 and came down to 54 with the spiro.

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its not just the blocker, female hormones are as good as their reputation. Please read my featured story and the comments made to that post. You have friends here who have been there and done that and can help ease the pain of finding resolution to most any issues that comes up. <br />
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Hugs,<br />
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I hope to answer this fully soon, but my answer is likely to be longer than your article and take a lot of writing, it raises so many issues...<br />
meanwhile, no mention of the promised bras here :)

ok. only 24 hours away till injection day.