Up Your Hiney

the past 4 days I was in a dark place, my phobia of medicine and needles? got to much and Friday night I had some wine to take the edge off of my fear. Saturday morning was when I was due to have my Decapeptyl injection ,as the time was getting closer ,the more scared I was.

I managed to get to my appointment "yesterday" and the nurse she was great and had time and patients, she reassured me that everything would be ok and my friend did too, my friend held my hand while the nurse did the injection and ,the nurse said when you are ready ,cough and say the word yes.

took me ages to calm down from anxiety but I finally did and I gave a big cough and said yes and it was all over, she took my blood pressure and it was lower then when I first went in to the clinic.

what made me happy is when , nurse said about the positive changes that will happen ,like erections going away , less body hair, and now the estrogen can work without the T getting in the way.

I get to spend two weeks in Spain without any nasty testosterone and without waking up every morning with a erection.

Today I feel peaceful and happy. I hope I like how I feel on Decapeptyl , I believe its the only way to know how I will feel after surgery
I didn't particularly want chemical castration ,would rather have had the real thing but if I have a orchie ,I would not be able to undo it if I didnt like how I felt.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

and enjoy your breasts, with them in hand the time just fly's by. I love being on hormones.

me too x