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Transgender Commandments

1.- Thou shall not be a victim. The world is full of people with problems. Those that find away to live with them are the success stories.
2.-Thou shall not be a whiner. The world is full of many compassionate people. Attempt to state your case as honestly and truthfully as you can. Falling on your own sword only hurts mostly you.
3.-Thou shall not be a bigot. Just because much of society is bigoted against us, it does not make it right to be bigoted against each other.
4,- Thou shall not turn your back on anyone in our community always remember you were there once..
5.- Thou shall not take yourself too seriously and lose the joy of life.
6.- Thou shall be a positive role model for those in or out of our community-no matter how small the effort.
7.-Thou shall find the courage and the wisdom to do what's right to preserve your existence.
8.-Thou shall find the joy of your existence-how ever small it may be.
9.-Thou shall find those who rejoice in your diversity.
10.- Thou shall be a diva! You deserve it!
cyrsti cyrsti 61-65, T 7 Responses May 31, 2012

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An excellent guide. Had a giggle at your comment "One of my rare religious days..."

Even I have to pay homage to a higher being...what ever she is up to!

Luv 'em! Words to live by. Thank you for being here and a wonderful guide and friend. You help more folks than you will ever know. (((((Hugs))))) Thank you for sharing your insights and your journey. (((((Hugs)))))

Wow! Thanks, your comments make all of this sooo worthwhile!

Awesome, great list

Very, very good!

My compliments to you! I love it, especial for me

Hey! You have to have some of the "Goddess Diva" in you to have fun!

I do, I do.

Very nice dear,thank you for sharing this with us.

One of my rare religious

Great! Seriously!