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Hey Sugar Take A Walk On The Wild Side

I was probably 9 and I had an uncle that was really into music. He would have been a Hipster by today's standards. I remember hearing about Holly plucking her eyebrows; shaving her legs and then he was she. I understood Holly. As a 9 year old growing up in a single parent home in a mid sized city in Texas I identified. I knew instantly what the song was about. Walk on the wildside has always been on my play list. My play list that I play when cross dressing is called the T list. Amazing that a 9 year old little boy from Bible belt USA can relate but I did and Not many songs about transgended women were out when I was 9. I mean wild side and Lola were it; and Lola just didn't sound as pretty as Holly, sugar plum fairy, little Joe, and Jackie. Lola may have looked like a woman but she talked like a man. The other night I wonder what happened to the ladies of walk on the wild side. YouTube has a video that shows them all...and of course they are gorgeous. They were all part of Andy Warhols s scene and appeared in some of his movies.

Holly Woodlawn did leave Miami Fla at 15. She said that she was tired of getting beat up everyday by rednecks, so she left. She ran out of money in Georgia; hawked her jewelry, and hitchhiked the rest of the way. In South Carolina, she and one her traveling mates became close with a group of marines. While her friend gang banged most of the marines, she was left alone with one marine. Fearing for her life she came clean to the marine and he protected her all of the way to NYC. She stared in some.of.Warhol's movies. She was arrested in 1972 for impersonating the French ambassadors wife. She was xferred from a women's detention center to a men's. In 1979 she ran out of work. She moved back home, cut her her, and found employment as a bus boy at. Benni q.Hanna. she now works as burlesque dancer.

Candy Darling was born in Forrest Hills Queens. When confronted by her mother about going to gay bars Candy dawned her femme attire. Her mom said that she knew that there would be no stopping her. She was just too damned beautiful. Candy Darling passed in 1974 from lymphoma. On her deathbed, she said that she had no desire left for life, she was bored to death, everyone knew it couldn't last. Her funeral was attended by large crowds of people including Gloria Swanson who saluted her coffin.

Little Joe refers to Little Joe Dallesandero. Little Joe appeared in several Warhol films. He was never transgender, but he was a star of the underground gay subculture. He is bisexual, and manages a hotel in Hollywood California with his current wife. He says that he has been blessed to live a full life.

Sugar Plum Fairy-tale Joe Campbell Campbell was a ravishingly good looking actor. His crotch is the shot for the Rolling Stones album stockier fingers. He had the looks of James Dean. He was gay activist Harvey Milk longtime companion. People thought they were an odd couple due to the fact that Milk had the look of a bored business man, which was out of character for the Sugar Plum Fairy. Campbell passed away 2006 from AIDS related complications.

Jackie Curtis was an actress in early Warhol films, but went on to produce her own works. Artist such David Bowie Jackie as influence on their style. Prophetic words are sung by Lou Reed when he says Jackie was just speeding away thought she was James Dean for a day I guess she had to crash Valium would have helped that bash. Jackie died of a drug overdose.

Something that is evident in the song Walk on the Wildside is the culture. Probably due to the marginalization of gays, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender, they were forced to live a second class existence. No health plan to cover aids related illnesses, or addictions; let alone hormones and srs. And this was New York City, not Lubbock Texas. Intelligent vibrant bright people forced to live the life of a hustler. Now we are executives, physicians, attorneys, and just normal people. I guess we aren't as wild as we were.once thought to be. In my former district in Oklahoma City; attorney Brittany Novotny ran against homophobe Sally Kern. Novotny is transgender male to female. She lost, but its amazing she was able to run. I don't think we walk much on the wildside anymore, but what a fight its been.
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I always like that Wild Side song, although I never really struck me as anything highly unusual or fascinating - Venus in Furs made a more profound and somewhat troubling impression on me - it was more like something "pretty normal" to me then, I had contact with some bisexual, gay, lesbian and trans people in my early adulthood. I was doing my studies and enjoying life from day to day, mostly with girlfriends but most of these as well as the other people who surrounded me had at least some idea of what the wild side was. But I think that at that time during the late 80s and 90s it just wasn´t as wild - we were living somehow at the fringe of society, and while of course I wouldn´t have shared my adventures with all of my friends there were a couple of girls as well as boys among my friends I could chat about anything. Back then, I just didn´t feel the pressure of defining myself or to look deeper into what really drove me to try out sex with bi, gay and trans boys. For sure, a few gay guys tried to convince that I was gay but I knew that wasn´t it. Others told me they felt I was just like a woman while or after we had sex, and deep inside, I knew why they said it and that they were right. And really, I kept that to myself but I actually felt proud about it. So looking back, I just have wondered again and again, why didn´t I make my mind up and decided to take the road to transition?
I guess it was a mix of several things. First, I then felt pretty comfortable with my male but almost hairless, tall, not very musculous body, it was (and still is) a bit androgynous (although now I have more hair on my legs and I also developed more facial hair, which I truly hate!). Then, I also had too much fun with my last girlfriend, she was so sexy that she would make tots of guys dizzy (when she went to party she talked the guys into heat, made fun out of them, and had them pay for her drinks without even asking), of course she knew about my not-so-straight side and found it rather amusing if only vaguely interesting to her. We traveled around, we shared some years like best friends with all fun included, not caring for the future... until reality set in. And that was that I just had to dedicate myself more to getting my studies done, if it was to make sense at all, and she got bored, feeling neglected and looking for a place where she could better make a life on her own. I was not really such a bigshot and perhaps it wouldn´t have been much of mistake to let go the studies and go elsewhere looking for a different kind of career. But I feltb I had invested so many resources - time and my parent´s cash which made me feel like I owed them something and that I had to prove that I was able to succeed in what I´d started. Unfortunately, I had only vague ideas and nothing that looked like a viable as well as desirable Plan B.
Slowly I realized I had just enjoyed the life of a spoilt kid while others at my age had already taken off and moving into well-consolidated if average-joe models of life. I started longing for a less futile existance and for someone to share something more than just fun. I brushed aside what I had been doing and I got married - it wasn´t a marriage for convenience or to please anyone, she came from far away and we didn´t know each other for long but we believed that we were right for each other. She had a hard life behind her, as compared to mine, we knew we would have to muddle through but she didn´t care. For me it was harder to be confronted with real life and to adapt to the limitations of a responsible life, we had some initial shocks but we came to have our happy times and harmony. Fast forward, over 15 years later we now have three kids, but somthing inside me kept growing and when I felt I couldn´t silence it any longer I broke the news that i felt like a woman inside, rather undiplomatically. That was some 4 years ago and she was so profoundly shocked that I eventually backed away and tried to repair the damage - but in vain, I couldn´t stand just going on like that and having made some attemps to draw her into role plays believing it could help to relieve the tension, I told her again, which is now about a year ago. Since then, life has been a disaster in almost every way.
Walking the wild side may have become easier at least in some areas and situations, but what to do if you´re married, thinking about what it means to your wife and kids? Unfortunately, my wife comes from a culture wher transgender is an absolute taboo, something considered extremely dishonorable? My parents and family could live with the news I guess, anyway they´d have to, but what about her family? At least her brothers would probably never want to see me again... Real life sucks. Now what use in wishing I had come out 20 years ago? Is it my fault that life only taught me what I needed to know when it was too late?

really a great read wish i had started many years ago but after six heart attacks some what afaid to go on

Its sucks when real life intervenes. I wish I had came out 25 years ago.

Yes i deel the same way as you do hind sight is hellish

That's my generation you are talking about there Brenda. Reading these stories brings tears to my eyes and reminds of what a coward I have been. Not only outwardly but inwardly too. <br />
I would look at the gurlz living their dream, and would think how brave they were and not relate them to my own innermost feelings. Ostrich that I was.

Sweetie, we all have our choices. We all have things that we could have done differently. I shouldn't be hiding in the closet now. We have fears that we deal with. Will my wife of 20 years accept me? Have we wasted all of this time. I know that regardless of the path I have taken, this moment is where I am supposed to be. Hindsight is a ruthless *****. When I see time lapse videos on YouTube it doesn't matter if they transition at 20 or 70 they are still precious...they are ******* beautiful. We are at this moment where we are supposed to be. Honey lets don't beat ourselves up over what should of. Lets paint and modify this vessel we have been given and honor Holly, Candie, and Jackie. Lets live in your face no apologies the way they lived. When I come out of the closet by October it is their memory that will give me strength. Live out loud doll, love Brenda Karen

Fabulous post. Thank you so much.This a pretty feeble response, but I am just beginning to come out in the open. It us so very hard. So very hard.

Jillian thanks for commenting. Not feeble at all. We are different stations on a very similair path. Some just move faster than others sweetie. Hugs

Brenda Karen

You got it almost right Jackie died of aids and sorry to say Holly died over a year ago, at one time they were tramps at maxs kansas city big time club in ny, Holly Woodlawns book a Low Life in High Heels is one my of favorites. I got to meet Holly once in Miami, she lived wild life and a very sweet girl

Thanks for the clarification. Definitely sorry to hear about Holly. I have always been captivated by that song. I felt so sad to hear how each one met their demise. I guess I was hoping to find that had somehow weathered the storm. I know we have a ways to go. Once upon a time being a hustler was what we were relagated to. These ladies paid a horrible price to be what they truly were. When you look at everything they lost. Everything we stand to lose in this day and age. ****** me off when somebody calls it a choice. Really? People choose this? I am fascinated by our history. Has anybody seen the documentary the screaming queens?

what an excellent job you did dissecting and sharing with us these grass root start stories of the ones who have helped us all in our journey's today. Thank you very much for this info.<br />
<br />

Indeed, what a strange and wonderful journey it has been. Perhaps one day being TG will be detected at birth and it will be treated as a birth defect and corrected accordingly. to have others not go through the pain we have in our life would be a very sweet thing indeed.