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Recently I was ask by a natal woman,why so many trans-women were still attracted to women or wished to be still in a a relationship with a wife or girl friend she ask was it like being a lesbian?
I think there are a multitude of answers to this everyone has their own reasons I would imagine.
For some they have been in their relationship for many years and don't want to leave because they are still in love with their mate.And still others have been there so long they don't want to go through all the drama and loss of what they worked for all their lives,fear is a great motivator.
And still their are probably those who truly desire a lesbian style relationship.
And for me after losing my wife and being alone now for sometime,I have come to realize that I was probably still holding on to the fear of what others would think of me if I said I wanted to be in a natural relationship with a man since I am a woman in every sense of the word,It just seems normal for me to want a man.No woman no matter who she is can truly make you feel like a woman but a man sure can.

I hope that others of you will respond with comments about your feelings on this,     Shelle
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For me, i currently have no preference but it wasn't always so. From the beginning i cross-dressed, loved girls. I had little time for boys and i cringed at the thought of ever having sex with a man. But i also worried about my sexuality in so much that i thought my cross-dressing was something i needed to do because of a lack of sex with women. It was only in adulthood and after being married that i realised that the cross-dressing was something much more than that and that deep inside of me was a woman trying to get out. <br />
However, i remained heterosexual. slowly though, the more i gave in to the demands of the woman inside me and began to fully embrace my femininity, the more i became curious about sex with a man and eventually just had to do something about it to satisfy my curiosity. The result was inconclusive, i neither liked or disliked the experience but did find something deeply satisfying by being looked upon and treated as a woman by another man. So, i experimented more and now find that i love both women and men equally as long as they love me as a woman and not as a man. <br />
So, in my case, my ideas, thoughts and preferences have developed over time to the point now where it is the relationship and emotion of love that is important regardless of gender. To be loved and respected for who we are as individuals.

My wife considers herself a lesbian. <br />
I have read a research study that indicates gynophilia is pretty common among MtF's. Transition caused some to become androphilic in the study group, but a full 25% remained gynophilic...if I remember right this was a 50% drop, but still, that's a high incidence.<br />
Were there that many gynophilic natal females, my single days would have been more fun...

And just to put my two cents in, If you change into a woman and still want women, I'm okay with it.<br />
If you change into a woman, and pick me up and entertain me, I'm okay with it. Tell me after. I might get horney.<br />
I plan to remain a man, but I'm trying to grow my own breasts, without HRT, just the over the counter stuff.

Things have changed for me since being on HRT. I wanted a female partner originally but now gender has become unimportant.

Hey I have the answer to the above. My mother explained it to me when I was a child!<br />
She said: There are the birds and the bees! And the birds and the bees got together some how for sex. How, I never knew, But the birds basically preferred the bees and vice versa! and procreated. Now, as my wife later told me, some how later in life, "Big Bird" entered the equation! And then the STORK delivered the babies! See that was easy.<br />
<br />
NOW THE REAL ANSWER! Look, as someone already mentioned. Gender is separate from sexual preference. All my life, I have identified myself as being heterosexual! The moment that I realized that I was a transsexual, and injected my self, especially after it has finally been proven that trans sexuality is caused by genetics. And we now can call our selves, genetic females, that we are now Lesbians? In one of my stories on here I explained that more thoroughly!<br />
<br />
It is Society that has placed these labels upon every one, and the question is, why do there have to be labels ??????<br />
<br />
When we are cross dressers and trans. We don't immediately, morph and want men!<br />
Statistics prove and show that.<br />
<br />
And in the long run, we as transsexual women, ARE, truly different than regular lesbians, because we are gifted to know the best of both worlds................Maybe we should be called "Thesbians " <br />
<br />
And so what if you prefer to be both with men and woman! <br />
<br />
All I know is that I adore, want, love to be with, and everything about a Natal woman, and their divine femininity!!!!!! WHY? Because I am Jamie Lee.........................!

Transition does not change out brain for sexual identity, bu hormones do make changes yet uncharted in the thought process and emotional centers thru the grace of Hormone replacement treatments.I am very attracted to the female form for a partner. But admittedly there is a small curious part of me lingering somewhere inside.

For me I will go with the plumbing I have. My wife and I continue to move forward knowing that in a year or so from now i will have the choice to schedule the lower surgeries or not. She knows I really need transition fully, and that her ability to adapt may reach the end of the rope, but that is a year away and we move into new territory every day. <br />
<br />
For me if I have male plumbing I will be attracted to women, and if I get female plumbing then I will then be Bi regardless of my wifes stand. How can I be anything else, its a closed loop and as close as I can be. I can joke but I can also see me finding a male partner to share between us. The future will tell, I remain open to life and all possibilities.

Just goes to show that sexual identity and gender identity are two different things. I lived with a man for a while and l just loved the housework aspect. I can't explain it, it did something for me inside. On the other hand men can be such heartbreakers.

Some day your prince will come ;) xxx