"3" Step Program

You all know I relish over simplifying things and people that can do it!
I am not saying I can- but here's an attempt.
Step #1,- The person moves from a fetish attraction to the clothes of the opposite sex and becomes a cross dresser.
Step #2.- The person moves from the mirror to an inner feeling of identifying with the opposite gender and becomes transgender.
Step #3.- The person moves to align inner feelings with physical body modifications and becomes a transsexual.
Step #4.-A whole bunch of peeps want to trash me for this over simplification!
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In some ways it's much easier to go with the flow and subscribe to the binary gender schematic. Except I know deep down that that would not be good for me. I think there are some who are desperate to defend the choices that they have made. In a sense it's a form of being politically correct! Or cutting off your willy to spice your plaice ;) xxx

For me the fetish for women's clothing didn't happen. With that being said I do have fetishes for specific things. Women's rubber boots, latex, etc... but when I first started dressing occasionally the feel of satin on my boy parts would cause disasters. No mom I didn't see those pink pantys when I put away the laundry. I am moving from step two to three. Cyrsti I look forward to reading your blog.

I never had the fetish thing at all. Women's clothing was so taboo that I never went near it. I just put up such a big wall I think because I knew that if I ever transgressed it would be the end of my male life. Eventually under the influence of drugs (mdma) I did and my life has not been the same since.

No #4's here girls?

I really never had step 1, just 2 and 3. but you know this.

Why should I trash you? It's an attempt to deal with your feelings by using your mind.

For me it's true that breaking one taboo certainly leads you on to other things.

At present though I just wish that people with an "in-between identity" were more accepted. Why do I have to choose between two opposites, when I'm happiest sharing some of the aspects of both?

I write a very active blog and many times post one of my articles from there over here.
Sorry, I should have prefaced this post with saying it was a sarcastic dig at my blog critics who resent me for being (quote) a "successful" transgender person. That means they are very certain I shouldn't be able to lead a female life with out the surgery or ever mention my male life which at times provided pleasure.
Just bitter sad peeps who I "poke" on occasion. :)

I'll check out your blog, I have the feeling we're on the same wavelength. xxx

I agree...thanks!!

I had a look, but your US situation is so different from my own European experience I don't feel qualified to respond. Anyway love and kisses xxx

I just wanted to add how much your "tweener" comment is true.
I run into all kinds of peeps in our community who think my plan to NOT go all the way with SRS makes me a "faker". They also resent I write about positive male memories.
Just bitter bitter's a shame

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