Two Died So One Could Live

My girlfriend introduced me to crossdressing,one halloween,It was an eye opening experience,to say the least.I liked it alot,blah blah blah,She asked me about going fulltime as I wasnt a big guy only 5' 6" 135 lbs. So After about a year of her prodding I agreed, we moved,I quit my job etc Made no notice to my friends or family,basically quit my life.Her sister went into the peace corps to Africa,A year or so later we got word she was missing,presumed dead.After a couple years I assumed her identity, I had facial surgery to look more like her,and was taking hormones etc,We pulled it off I have a drivers license,credit cards,bank account,her old visa.her birth certificate,the whole nine yards.Its been 8 years now,Im legally my girlfriends sister. We live together as sisters,and lovers.I really have some regrets about it though.My family thinks Im dead.My former self was listed as missing in the desert in Arizona.Nobody in my family knows about who I have become.I love my life.But I feel bad for all the hurt I caused my family and friends. To make matters worse my girlfriend,(who my mother thought she killed her son) has been actually talking to my mom in order to patch things up between them.Has made arrangements to have my mom visit. Just great .Its not gonna happen if I can help it .My girlfriends parents are dead so at least that wont be an issue.I wasnt transgenderd from birth.One thing led to another,and Im a woman and I love being a woman,I have a great job,good friends and a wonderful partner to thank for all this,simply because she wanted me to be her personal barbie doll, cause feminizing me turned her on. Sex isnt what it used to be as my boy parts dont work very well anymore and were seriously considering srs.So girls im living proof you dont have to be A woman in your head,before you become a woman in your body lol linda
linda2lm linda2lm
46-50, F
Jul 30, 2012