A Wonderful Dinner

I just got back from having a wonderful dinner at a friends home. He cooked a delicious meal and had several glasses of an excellent wine. Having dinner at his home I was able to dress and go out as the women that I really am. Felt as if I was in a dream and that my friend really accepted me as who I was not how I was born.

You may wonder why I write this? The only problem was how I really felt, oh I loved dressing up and being treated like a princess. Loved kissing him and yes had great oral sex but now home and sitting here wondering why are almost all the men I meet and get carried away by married.

His wife was out for the evening I found out late in the meal and that she was do home so we had to end the wonderful evening. God I do hate myself sometimes for falling into these relationships. Sorry for my ranting but just had to let out a little frustration.
Terriwish Terriwish
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4 Responses Dec 14, 2012

You have a open hart and you want it filled with love! One day you will find the one!! If you need to rant again you will know where to find me!

You were still able to enjoy some time together and a few glasses of wine. His wife may be gone another time and you will be able to see your friend again. Or invite him to your place for a pleasant evening.

Yes since I wrote this I have seen him again. He came to my place for Dinner. I do so love him or is it the idea I am who I should be. Oh well we did have a wonderful time.

You are Terri and figuring out who you are. But you have to be yourself.


I am also madly in love with my wife. Hope that makes sense.

I'm on the other side of the fence, Terri. I am the married man that must plan for my meetings with men, so that I can BE MARCY for those few magical hours.

I had to do that too till i was lucky enough to begin my transformation so glad I did.