all I know is that a year and a half ago, someone special came in to my life, she held my hand when I was ready to surrender my life and she told me that everything will be ok.

She helped me stay strong and helped me through transition, she has helped me in more ways then anyone has ever helped me and she was there when I was anxious and though the good times and the bad.

I fell in love in her, I was scared that I would lose her for good if she ever knew how I felt,
I felt more then I should when we cuddled, I spent the last week or so feeling scared and not knowing what to do and not knowing if I was reading to much in to things or making a mistake

it all came this morning and she now knows, she didn't leave me. everything is cool and we kissed.

I feel good but I feel lost for words, it has not sunk in yet. Sadly I cant enjoy my body until after surgery.
sarahbethuk sarahbethuk
26-30, F
Jan 6, 2013