Ask And You Shall Receive

Ask and you shall recieve

For some time now I have belonged to a couple of transgender dating sites,and no no one has found me to be so attractive or likeable  that I am able to leave the sites yet.

But after being there for some years now I found that a large number of divorced men are seeking the company of a transgendered woman.

Being the curious girl that I am I began to ask those who approached me why they as straight men were seeking transgirls.

I recently ask of a man from Ga.  ”If you don’t mind me asking why are you as a straight man interested in someone like me”

I received this honest and insightful answer from him.

They are more feminine, more in tune with a man’s interest, take better care of themselves and their man. And they understand that men aren’t perfect and DO make mistakes.

Out of all I have ever asked I don’t think I ever got a better answer.

I guess it is true what my mother said,if you want to know something ask questions.


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6 Responses Jan 7, 2013

That's a very special man. Did you ever see him again?

I am a man,and I've got a question"Do you believe in a sexual relationship".Because just out of curiousity I would like to have sex with a transgender woman.If your are interested or just like to see pictures of me yahoo messager

That is an insightful answer. Thanks for sharing.

It makes a lot of sense too. And a very honest one.

Sorry to hear that, Such a negative turn of events.

I have to agree, its the day b4 valentine and my wife has ignored me all day. I wish it was different but!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful responce from him!

I think it says a lot about women today.. and no I don't believe they should be docile and submissive to men. And I do believe that men are kind of lost with this new womankind that is so popular. I also see this "new women kind/post modern feminism" having a bit of contempt for men, We've certainly polarized the sexes. which was probably your gentleman's point.

thank you, I think it's simply being able to myself in an others shoes (hell I've been doing it with my moms, my girlfriends and my ex's) LOL!