Big Step One, Done And Done

This morning, around 9:30 am, I was castrated. It was a relief, to say the least. I was scared going in, not because of what was being done. I couldn't wait to get it done, and now it's over. A few details before I sign off and go to bed.

I got to the hospital around 7am. They were so good there. The prep went well, and I must say, I enjoyed when the nurse came in and shaved me. It was kind of a blur, but she was so nice and supportive.

Then, it was a short wait, or it seemed short to me at the time. They wheeled me into the room, I met with the nurses and doctor who was going to do the procedure. They used a local and gave me something to relax. Then we went into the room. I just laid back on the table.

The doctor had my feet in stirrups, and legs banded to the end portion of the table. It was interesting in the lack of control one feels at that time. The doctor took his seat at the end between my legs. I was numb and very relaxed as I lay there contemplating the next hour or so.

The doctor asked me one last time, you ready for this? No doubts? I said no, not at all. Then I asked if I'd still need a vasectomy when this was over. I got a few laughs at this. Then I laid back. I was numb and couldn't feel anything, but I could feel the tugging that occurred during the whole thing. But I was relaxed and just kept looking forward to getting to the end.

It was kind of a blur after most of this and I don't have many details. I remember getting dressed after that. I wore a skirt so I would have nothing to bind, if you know what I mean. Since then, it's been pain pills and ice packs. That will be my life for the next few days or so.

At least until the swelling goes down. The pain will get better every day, I know it. Then it's onward and upward, if that makes sense. I'll keep you updated with my progress. Until then, it's bed time.

Good nite, kisses and hugs.

Mary Beth.
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4 Responses Feb 13, 2013

Sounds hot that you have been castrated. So even if you wanted to, your penis can no longer be erect. Are you sexual with men, women, or both!

my wife only

I'm happy that everything well, Mary Beth. You feel better.

Congratulations and wishes for a speedy recovery there. Sounds like you were ready for this and must feel good inside that it is done.

Mary Beth, you really set the stage so well and let everyone know your emotions and feelings.
Your first sentence kind of hits the reader over the head. But that's the reality. I'm glad you have this behind you and are happy.