One of a Kind

This is a work in progress. For years, I have tried fitting in - either as gay or straight, and always as a man. And it has been a bust!
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I discovered that I was transgender when I was fifty-six. I always felt different but never knew why. Now I am a transgender woman, happy and content with who I am.<br />
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My spouse is a MTF transgender. She was 'outed' at work by a fellow associate so whatever plans we had to become 'out' changed quickly. Gossip concerning her was spread through out the whole store and she was made fun of continually. She is a beautiful woman whom I love with all my heart & soul and could never imagine living my life without her. We are going though counselling which is very helpful. I just need to learn that you must be who you are to be happy.

u need to belive in yourself and find the true u.