Cynthia the Performer-or the Birth of Honey Graham

Round about 1995 a club I frequented in Wallington NJ-Topaz- started talking up their up coming Miss Topaz contest for drag performers. Now, I was barely getting out in public and had NEVER considered trying to perform as Cynthia but for some reason I got it into my head that "Hey, I can do this!!". And so for the next 3 weeks I had my disc man glued to my head playing the same song over and over again so I could memorize the lyrics and the tempo. When the big night came I was so nervous I could barely contain myself. As I was waiting for my turn to go on, I took advantage of the fact that there was a large sturdy wall shielding me from the stage and spent the few min I had before I was introduced by repeatedly banging my head into the wall and asking myself"What the hell were you thinking??"-All to the amusement of the other contestants waiting behind me.Well I did finally go on, and while I didn't win I found that I really enjoyed being out there in front of all those people. I came back the next week, and the next, and so on and so on for almost a year. And in the years since I've been in shows, pageants, contests, and even parades in front of millions of people. And I even stopped banging my head before each performance. I had to, Topaz tore down my faithful wall.

 Note: Topaz(AKA Monkey Barz/Club One ) closed in Feb 2003 and has not yet reopened despite rumors to the contrary

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Thank you for a lovely story

HA! <br />
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I've misspent most of my so-called life in that delightful business we call "show", before and during transition, so your story (and your chosen femme name?) gave me cause to giggle.<br />
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Know you have a friend in the relatively trans-friendly city of Chicago (home of the Be ALL) that you haven't met yet. <br />
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Rock on!

Wow, it really sounds like you had a great and fun time performing! Have you done anything elsewhere since the Topaz closed? I have only dreamed of similar circumstances.

It's amazing whatou can do. Thank you for sharing.<br />
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Thankyou ,as well, Cynthia!..I enjoyed reading your story!