I wish i had someone to kiss me allover and call me there babe and compliment my body but sadly i have no one
tooshylove tooshylove
22-25, T
7 Responses Aug 25, 2014

I hope they do too but till then you have all of us to talk to

my suggestion is. .
go out and get someone. Life is not a rehersal!

If you want to chat try installing wickr and look me up botguy10000

You are simply beautiful hun. Don't let anyone tell you less

hi, give it time darling you will find that someone very soon.

Please excuse my ignorance....so you where born with both male and female parts?

No born as a male, I'm transitioning to a female(: yes i still have male parts

Oh I see...you look like a pretty girl to me.

Thank yoou(:

You will one day Honey. And these days of wondering and doubt will be a forgotten memory. Be strong and stay focused on your goal sweetie. Love-Noreen