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Hey everyone. I decided a while ago that the only way I was ever finally going to be at peace with myself was to finally express what I have known for a very long time. I was never your stereotypical female. In fact far from it I hated all the things that had come with being female - clothing especially. It made me miserable all those times I had to where dresses, look feminine and fit in and conform to a specific gender.

So It's been a while since I asked my friends to support me in coming out as a lesbian. You see to be honest that's what I thought I was. I had always thought that what I was feeling was that of lesbianism. Of course, little did I know I was extremely wrong. Recently I started gaining those feelings I had when I was only 3. I have stopped suppressing the belief that I was in fact Transgender. I started cross dressing during the spring semester of this year. I actually started shopping in the menswear section and smile every time knowing that nothing is keeping me from being myself. It's funny how one year can change everything. I don't think that people realize I'm serious though. But I have one other dream, start binding,and maybe someday go on T, and live my life the way I want to... this includes being called Sam. Instead of my given name. Maybe some day I'll be able to come out to my family and tell them I'm transgender, but for now it's just way too hard. 

Are there more like me?

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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

We sound pretty alike I must say. The clothing and the things girls are supposed to be interested in never caught my attention except when I was little. The only reason I own a dress now is because I have to wear it to my graduation ceremony on Sunday. I'm not packing any women's jeans for college either.<br />
I've always known I was straight but this past year I've finally admitted to myself that I would have no qualms kissing another girl (just no more) or potentially having a girlfriend for a time.<br />
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On the inside I guess I'm just a gay male :]

Sam, I loved reading your story. I always ignore male clothing and go to the women's section in stores. On the outside I am a male but inside I am a transgender woman.<br />
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Come out when you feel comfortable about doing so. <br />
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