My Reasons

There are a few reasons why I've chosen to not go on testosterone.

First, it's expensive when you don't have insurance. Since I'm a freelance writer, I don't have a health plan.

I'm one of those crazy vegan health nuts. I don't drink milk because of the added hormones, so injecting them into my body freaks me out.

My overall lifestyle is one of simplicity. The idea of being enslaved by a drug company in order to be happy with my body just seems wrong.

Usually I pass just fine. Body language, confidence, and other social cues can have a big overall impact.

I'm not judging anyone who has decided to go on hormones. It just isn't right for me.

Anyone else out there??
wansu wansu
22-25, T
1 Response Aug 7, 2010

I can relate to several of your reason also... thank you for sharing.... Wendy