I Am Transexual - What Now?

Hi Everyone, I am a transexual. I've been to 2 different therapists who say " you are a transexual" transition is the right thing to do. But I am married, have a child and now have another un-planned child on the way. My marriage is also very loveless. I suppose I would'nt be the first person that was married with children too transition. I dont question my sexual status at all. I know i am transexual. I wake every morning and say too myself you are transexual. Sadly thats the best i can offer myself at this moment. I so badly want to spend the rest of my life as a woman. Why is it so difficult getting there?
DavinaTS DavinaTS
3 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Yes I have experienced similar to Sophie it is hard to get to the point of the decisions that need to be made but what is worse lying to yourself and never being at peace or being true to yourself and risking everything that you call life as you know it . it is difficult but once you choose to embrace the side of you you choose to hide a way it will be so peaceful in time and then you can truly move forward in life

It's difficult because it's scary...It's scary because, we all have so much to lose. Because we don't want to be rejected or hated. Because we don't want to let people down and we don't want anyone we care about to be hurt.<br />
For me, it was a matter of asking myself, everyday - is it harder and more scary for me to transition or would it be easier - when I came to a time I felt it would be easier to transition than to go on living as someone else...I took my first steps toward womanhood

I understand. I am a woman born transexual. My life has responsibilities and things that can't just be dropped and forgotten. Sometimes we must make hard decisions and take our journey at a pace not of our choosing. Take care.