Transsexual Or Genetic Female

I posted recently that there was a Scientific Study completed last year, that specifically stated, they have finally found, that a true "Transsexual" is who they are because of genetics!

Thank God! Because it now places validation, on us, that we are who we say we are!

So if this is true! We now can identify ourselves as Genetic Women! Instead of Transsexuals! I think this is fantastic!

I recently went to see my therapist, told her about the above, and she agreed that the above is true!

So now, what we always referred to as Genetic Women, should now be called "Natal Woman"

I think this is wonderful news................................

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I read this morning a report of a study where close to 40 brains of deceased heterosexual, homosexual, MtoF and FtoM transsexuals were examined. Here is what the study indicated:<br />
!. A certain part of the brain of male brain contains approximately 35 neurons and the female brain contains about one half that amount.<br />
2. The brain of the MtoF transsexual contained the same amount of neurons as the genetic female.<br />
3. The brain of the FtoM transsexual contained the same amount of neurons as the genetic males.<br />
4. Hormones DID NOT affect the number of neurons in the MtoF nor did testosterone effect the brain of the FtoM.<br />
5. Conclusively, something genetic happened during the prenatal period to render each with the brain of the opposite sex. What is what the study did not address.

All I can say is, "Wow." From what I have read in the past, I was wondering when they would discover this to be in our favor.<br />
<br />
JaimieLee, do this you could post where we might be able to find this information? I would really like to read it and and it to my collection research information for future reference, I am sure that there are others here that would like to do this as well. Beside I know a few people that I would dearly love to see their faces after they read that report.<br />
<br />
Thanks JamieLee for bringing this to our attention.<br />

Your welcome. Give me a few days. I have to find it. I added it to my documents somewhere.
I have so much.


P.S. I did verify this with my therapist Thursday and she said it was true. The DSM is in the process of being changed, in a lot of ways. I think that is the initials Its the bible for therapists..

February 18, 2012<br />
<br />
<br />
In 2005 Scientists have found that genes afflict 30,000 men and women.<br />
<br />
What creates Gender Identity? “Psycho-neuro-endcronology” !<br />
<br />
Variations in the length of certain segments of DNA, where the genetic code “stutters” that is when a few of the code repeat themselves in the same order many times.<br />
<br />
These repeat sequences may be the sites of many genetic mutations.<br />
<br />
The variant was in a gene called ER-Beta. ER-Beta acts as a minuscule gateway that controls the flow of estrogen. This is a hormone the brain during fetal development.<br />
<br />
Estrogen is thought to be responsible for the wiring the brain in a “Masculine” way in males before birth – although paradoxically, the substance is better known as a female sex hormone.<br />
<br />
It influences the development of female sexual characteristics.<br />
<br />
The gene that produces the ER-Beta receptor contains a section called “CA repeat sequence”, so called because C&A are the names for the two “letters of the genetic code which are repeated many times in a row”.<br />
<br />
More masculine in the context, means that certain brain structures are relatively smaller or larger in males than females, possibly reflecting the relative of those brain structures in each sex.<br />
<br />
Researchers have found that parts of the frontal cortex, the seat of many reasoning functions and the limbic cortex, involved in emotions, are bigger compared to other brain areas in woman then in men. Parts of the parietal cortex which contributes to spatial perception and the amygdale, which responds to emotional arousing information, are bigger in men. A part of the hypothalamus, a brain region that regulates reproductive behavior, is also believed to be bigger in men.<br />
<br />
At least one brain region has also been found to be different in male heterosexuals and homosexuals, also a part of the hypothalamus. And more recently, gay and straight men have been found to differ in how their brain responds to the scent of male sweat.<br />
<br />
Gender Identity is typically established by 18 or 24 months. According to the Merck Manuel of Diagnosis and Therapy, 17th Edition.<br />
<br />
Some people act in different ways typically considered appropriate for the other sex, but that doesn’t make them transsexuals, as long as they are comfortable with their physical gender.<br />
<br />
Transsexuals are victims of a “Biologic Accident” And are cruelly imprisoned within a body incompatible with their Gender Identity.

Do you remember where you read this study? I agree in part with what you are saying, but it does seem to create a divisive line between male and female, that has only been moved slightly in one direction.<br />
<br />
It is my feeling/theory, that gender is actually fluid, that we are all some part male and some part female and the amount or ex<x>pression of either to your own degree is dependent on the level of either estrogen or testosterone triggered as the divisive hormonal wash during gestation ba<x>sed on a persons biological complexities. Remember we all start with the potential of being either. Thus we are always both. It's society that seeks to define in terms of most common but not always correct.