The Magic Of Being A Transsexual Woman

I can eat at a candle light dinner, with someone, either in a beautiful red gown and a flower in my hair or in the most handsome tuxedo, and experience a romantic evening!

I can drink the most wonderful glass of Chardonnay, or, drink, one Bourbon, one Shot and one Beer.

I can wear the most fragrant perfume “Sweet Poison” or the scent of Drakkar Noir.

I can take the most exquisite bubble bath by candle light, and gentle music, or just take a shower.

I can cry when I watch a movie, or I can applaud when the man wins.

I can be someone’s most beautiful dream or, their worst nightmare.

I can be a ***** or a bastard.

I don’t have to care any more whether or not, the toilet seat is up or down.

I can be the best friend of a woman, and at the same time be the best friend of a man.

I can fight for women’s rights as a man, and men’s rights as a woman!

I can feel my divine femininity or remember my masculinity!

I know what a woman needs and what a man wants.

I can look at someone with bed room eyes or look through the door way to their soul.

I am Jamie Lee, or if I choose, I can be Jim.

I could be a wife or I could be a husband.

I can choose to be a Goddess or I can be a God.

I can love or I can fight.

I can be a rose or some one’s huckleberry.

I can teach a woman about woman hood or I can teach a man how to be a man.
I have learned that the most beautiful flower is the vagina of the plant.

I can wear “Victoria’s Secret” or reveal in the most profound manner what “Victoria’s Secret” really is!

Jamie Lee

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It is not my normal habit to shake someones tree on the what they may believe to be true. But! It seems that what you are describing is closer to Cross dressing. And as such, the term Transgender is more apt to be proper. Transsexual does not work in this context. I am a Transsexual. Every other Transsexuals I know lives full time in there correct/preferred gender presentation. Not the gender of the moment. So Transsexuals are clearly not fluid between these genders. With me, there is only one gender. Female. Male is what I was labeled at birth only. I am now female. Parts or no parts! It is not optional. It's necessary.

You see MsTsue., I am going to be as kind as I can be in my response to you! But first of all let me clarify a few things. Don’t you or anyone else tell me what I am or what I’m not! Don’t ever do that again!!

You say that the term transgender if more of an appropriate term for me! First of all Transgendered is an Umbrella term!

I want to ask you a question, but I already know the answer. Did you look at my profile or did you read any of my stories, before you chose me to be you huckleberry!

Since child birth, I have lived in the wrong body. I have been on hormones, have been treated for 6 years by a female endocrinologist as a transsexual woman, and have also seeing a therapist for the same reasons. I am almost one step away from my operation!

And along comes some one like YOU! Who claims that you are going to shake my tree!
It’s impossible, mine is an oak! And it can’t be shaken.

Now let me explain a fact to you! You throw around that term that you are Transsexual!
First of all a recent study confirmed that Tran sexuality is caused by genetics! So now we can refer to ourselves as genetic women, and the term for genetic women is NATEL females. So get your facts straight.

You see Sweetie; I wrote the above story just having some fun. But if you can look past your nose, maybe you will see that we actually could do the above, and that makes us Special!

Now, I have been an advocate in the Transgendered Community. I have been to so many conferences that I lost track of how many times. I live full time as a woman, but on occasion for the respect of my children and wife, Gender Jump! Just for ***** and giggles out of respect. Something, which someone like you can’t understand.

You are inaccurate that every Transsexual lives full time! There are a lot of Transsexual woman that because of their relationship or environment, don’t have the freedom to be!

And, I am Jamie Lee whether or not I am wearing my gown, or a tuxedo, so don’t try to teach me a damn thing. I have been living in this nightmare since birth!

So if you still question my transsexualty? Then I invite you to visit me, and I will ***** slap you from here to hell and back! Read my stories!

What is really interesting is that I think I saw you just joined EP recently. And you chose me to come after……………………….Dumb Move!

Look I am sorry for my anger at your response to me; we should be friends, because we are into this together! So I leave it up to you, if you wish me as a friend the just add me!

BUT don’t you EVER tell me who I am! Because,


Jamie Lee – She is me and I am her !!!!!!!!!!

And ditto! Just like you said on your profile!

About Me

If you still need a discription after seeing my picture. Then I guess I will have to help you one on one..

Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Slow down a bit there dear. No one is attacking you nor questioning who you are. I'm not trowing stones. In fact! You trying to help. Getting all fussed up like this does not help anything. It was only your use of the word that I addressed. Not the who or what you are personally. Only you can decide that. All I did was state facts. These are Not my facts. I did not make them up. You know that, I think.

As far as who or what you are. Well! I did not try to decide that for you. I simply can not do that. That is why I worded my comment as I did. It's strictly a syntax issue as I see it. I only disagree with the use of the word in the context of it's use. The story is fine. Who you are is fine. Even what you are is as well. In fact! That's great by me. Keep up the good work. But! Please lets not mix up issues here. I have no intent of getting into a ****** match over a stupid word.

One need only look around a moment to see those who either don't really know who or what we are, or even care to know for that matter. Or we face those who try and shove us into some neat little hole that does not fit nor even apply (autogynephilia is a good example) to us. Surely you can understand how much of a pain that is. So! In my seeming rush to judgment, I actually was just trying to help keep the records strait.

You know as well as I that some people sling words around the room attesting to there entitlement to it. That's fine to. Well! I for one really don't care what someone wants to call themselves. However! I do care when it's likely to influence how it is used on me by others. Now do you understand? Call yourself whatever you like, that's fine. But I hope people care enough about themselves to take some pride in the very fact of there being, by also taking ownership in it.

There is already way too much blurring of the lines as well as misuse of the terms of Transgender/Transsexual in the community at large. These words are not interchangeable. Both have very distinct meanings. Though one does include the other withing it's scope. The other is quite specific in it use. It's enough to give a girl a complex. I don't need another complex or label...

Surely you know as well as see that all too ofter the use of the term Transgender is used for with us in general. That's just fine! But! If you want or need to tell someone the "what" we are. Transgender is only half right. I am a Transsexual woman (I really prefer just Susan though) says everything. At least better than using the other less fitting term, and as such less appropriate term. And if you have to know the truth, I hate the other terms. They carry just a little too much stigma for my liking. Not to mention being way too general for my liking as well.

Even though there seems to be a great deal of debate over syntax and labels today. We do after all have to use some label. Hopefully we do try and use the right label that is politically correct for us. Or we run the risk of creating even more confusion by blurring already blurred lines even more. Far too many "experts" have already done a fine job of that without my input or consideration as to the effects crated in doing so. The line has to be drawn someplace after all.

I am a Transsexual woman. That is what I am. I make no bones about it and I live my life out and proud of who I am as well as who I have become. I'm not passing out any judgments here with you or anyone. That is just not my job in this world..

I am however very sorry if I offended you or hurt your feelings in any way. That was not the desired effect of my actions.


Before I befriend you. I want to make sure that I'm not going to step onto a land-mine or worse yet being stoned. So before I do something so risky. I have to ask you. Is it safe to come out now?

Oh yes Sweetheart! Now I have to apologize to you! I am sorry. Maybe it was miscommunication!

Any way, I would be honored to be your friend, we are in this together.

And yes it's safe! So who pushes the friendship button first!

Thank you for responding.........................

Jamie Lee

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