Life Long Regrets

I have spent my whole life knowing I am a woman in a mans body. It has caused me pain and emotional turmoil of type one could never imagine. I married some 20 years ago hoping that it would 'cure' me, but I was just so wrong. I spend every day saying, "If only I had become who i really am. At one point I undertook hormone treatment and the results were so promising. I struggled with being married and being who I am and stopped taking them. I have put my wife through such stress, as she knows my desires, but as a professing Christian all goes against that which I am told and I 'believe'. I have got to an age now where I am being torn apart by my feelings and have been close to bringing my life to an end. I am crying out inside!

Dont make the same mistake as me. Dont cause such pain to those you say you love. Do what you know is right for both you and those affected. If you are a transsexual then be and become the woman you are and be free from the pain. If only I had!

CharlotteEden CharlotteEden
Sep 12, 2012