I'm Absolutely Crap At Passing, Though

Some of us are lucky, and look at least somewhat like our real genders. I, however, really don't...

I wouldn't ever lie and call myself manly; in fact, even if I ever do get surgery done I'll still be ridiculously camp. I prefer myself that way. Effeminate clothes, makeup, androgynous haircuts, tight pants and close-fitting shirts... those are what I like. Nevertheless, I find myself jealous of the ones who look a ittle more boyish, and I can't help looking at the mirror and thinking "this outfit would look so much better if I didn't have the chest for it."

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I MTF and have the same problem. I can pass *IF AND ONLY IF* I hide my face! I have a very fem figur but not face. I have fairly massive scaring from a car wreck. They are extremly hard to hide so is my buick sized nose! My 18 inch bicepts dont help either but are hidable. The thing that helps me the most is just remmbering that i would rather be the uglist woman on earth than live this way. Tell ya what Ill take your breasts and you can have my arm and bread!! HA HA. Keep your chin up and try not to let them get under you skin.

I'm the same way. I'll get dressed in the morning and think to myself, "Hmm... I think I can pass pretty well in this outfit", until I go out in public and get addressed by "ma'am" and "young lady". It can get frustrating when no one seems to view you the way that you view yourself.I bought a binder from Underworks recently and it works quite well to conceal my chest. They're safer than Ace bandages, but range from about $25-$40. You can order a used binder for free from this website, though:<br />
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Sometimes. I need new Ace bandages...

Do you bind?

@Geemahon - I do, unless I'm too lazy to. That is pretty much my mantra, by the way.

I understand. I have had the same feelings and thoughts my entire life.