Why Do I Feel Like This?

I got married a year ago after i discovered i was pregnant. My husband is a nice guy but we can't communicate. I don't think I can be with him for much longer

but I don't want anybody else either.

If i want a divorce he will take our son- he doesn't even have to divorce me he can marry another woman if he wanted. We live in Saudi Arabia, and i 've lost contact with my home country. I'm not even sure i want to go back. Do I know what i want? Not really. I'd like to go back to studying but what about the baby?

I don't want to lose my baby although sometimes i feel anger towards him. I feel like a prisoner, where is the intimacy the love and the sharing of thoughts?

i should have been more careful. More and more I feel i made a mistake...

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26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

I have learned the hard way it is better to get out while your still ahead which it sounds like you are....I felt alot like this in the begining of my marriage and now almost 11 yrs later I still feel the same... wishing I would have did something when I had the chance... Hugs hope ya find the happiness you deserve

Take the child, all money and leave Saudi Arabia now, don't wait. The laws against women are strict and punishable. He is allowed to have several wife’s and live in several places, you as a woman are not. Get a hold of your home country consulate and ask for guidance. Forget the wait and see part they give you, your home land is now your goal.<br />
May the love of Jesus Christ be upon you.