It Never Stops

My memories haunt me everyday, i mean everything i do reminds me of things i want to forget. A conversation at school a random thought just little things that make me think back to the past. I always get upset because of this, i know i should just move on and get over it but for some reason i can't maybe im being a drama queen but i can't change it.


BrokenSound BrokenSound
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2007

hunny there is no such thing as a drama queen okay with the exeption of fat charlotte. but this sounds like a harsh thing so i am pritty sure that its ganna be hard to forget like me with dad i will never forget that and people coplaning about there fathers will never help me getover it. its kinda like an animal no affaece 2 any one but if some one was to hit or abuse an amial that animal will allways remeber that and have a fear of it happining again yelling at it may cuse it to bit because it feels thretend. people have this to it's like a form of paranoia or some thing like that the feer will always be there not telling people is a way to over come a thing like that but trying to forget makes you think of it its a complicated thing i know but what can you or anyone else do.<br />
its too hard just to let it go but there will come a day were it wont be there fore a while just keep positive hunn and like this guy ^ im always here lol alrighty

same here... It is pretty impossible to get rid of these memories (unless one suffers from amnesia)...<br />
Instead there are ways that enables oneself to ignore the feelings that are associated with these memories. <br />
Something that usually helps is to occupy oneself with something fun.<br />
Another thing is to open up and tell those people you trust about these feelings; get responces etc, and those feelings will then matter less for you.<br />
Or, get used to these feelings, and therefore automatically react less...<br />
For me, it is a combination of the above three ways... <br />
Good luck! And if you need someone to talk to, I'll be here for you!