By The Cards That Life Has Dealt Me

I feel trapped in a marriage by a woman who had a lifelong plan to have kids and stay home like her mom did and has now realized that she hates it and says she is depressed and drinks to much. She got pregnant when we were 19 and after struggling with the decision of what to do, I stayed with her and decided to be a man and raise my son. 14 years and 2 more kids later, she has turned into a different person, a drunk, a controlling *****, a jealous, snooping, untrusting, accusing, *****!!! She has driven me into financial ruin. At this point I don't know what to do or where to turn, I feel trapped in a marriage that is my own personal hell!!!
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Burn - I am so sorry to read about your situation. I wish you the best..

yes I do James, have met a few people that really help...

Yes it sure is!!!

On the other hand, leaving even a bad marriage can be extremely difficult.

The youngest is 5, then 7 and 14. She already has accused me of only being their because of the kids and that if my plan is to leave when they are grown, to tell her now and not let her waste her life. If she only knew!!!

I'm so sorry to hear this burn. My ex and I ended up living separate lives before he left and I was finally free of him. It's so sad when people change. We are all truly at the mercy of our partners more than we know... ((((hugs)))) <br />
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Sounds like you need out....I don't know how old your kids are, stick it out until they are grown and then run for your life! The day my ex left I sighed the biggest sigh of relief...I never thought I'd be free of him...

Yeah, now she made the comment last night that when she has grandkids, her plan is to live close enough to them to keep them free of charge as long as needed!!! I am all for loving any grandkids that I might one day have but please, all I heard is a lifetime of never working outside the house!!!

My thoughts are with you hun... Big hugs and kisses to you.