i have tons of thoughts and feelings i dont share with anyone b/c i dont know how they will react to them.

im trapped in my mind and i need help to escape!

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2 Responses May 5, 2007

I have tons of opinions and thoughts too!! I have started sharing them here, and the more i do the braver i get. With every STRONG opinion or thought i have shared no one so far has written anything cruel, though one did challenge my opinion which i was greatful for. Through his challenge, and the fact that neither one of us ATTACKED each other on opposing views we are a part of each other's circle of friends!! GO FOR IT!!

Hi there.. I just wanted to give you some words for thought. Understandable on not trusting everyone with your thoughts, as long as you find a way to get them out of your head, for it will get very crowded in there, and will effect who you are. I write my thoughts down, and do have a few close friends i share my craziest thoughts with..I do believe trust is important thought FIRST. Here could be a good place, lots of good Non-Judgemental people here, I find. Good Luck sweetie. <br />
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