I Need Help.

I cannot go on any longer.  I just can't.  I would rather walk down to the interstate and stand in front of a tractor trailer than spend another week, month, year in this house.  I am trying, but I can only get so far with no help.  I am desperate.  I am depressed all the time, my life is miserable.  I cannot live under the reign of terror of a woman who does not allow anyone any kind of happiness or satisfaction unless it is to her benefit.  I just wish there was someone out there that could hear me, someone who could help me.

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6 Responses Jun 5, 2009

OK - I can understand you. Now - I am 36, and I live on my own. I do not live far from my mom, BUT - I still feel like she has the all encompassing power over me ... and I HATE IT!!! <br />
So - hold on ... bank your money, and move out ...

It sounds like she has a serious problem. That doesn't sound "normal". Have you tried talking to her about it?

My mother. She refuses to see anyone be happy, if she notices that something makes someone happy she has to sabotage it if she isn't happy from it too.

I mean who is the reign of terror.


Who are you talking about?