What Happened

.What happened to me was my mothers ex was a horrable man who did things to a two children. He malested both me and my big sister when we were children over years of time. My mother never knew until finally after 6 years we both worked up the courage to tell her. We were scared because of the man, not my mother, my mom is a good woman who is very protective of her children and would never had let it happen if she could have known earlier about it. Her Ex got away with it because the police never did anything about him, even knowing where he was. My big sister has no really long term problems with what happened, me on the other hand was severely traumatized, I have nightmares about what happened, i have the scars to show for it, now when i'm stressed out or scared or hurting i end up hurting myself because thats what i did when i wanted to tell my mom but couldnt. When i was hurting and hating myself like i still do, i slice my skin, though most of the time small and thin, each scar marks a time in my life where i was in pain and couldnt do a thing about it. Being rapped is one of the third worest things to happen to a child, the second is being abused, the first is being abandoned. When i cry at night, which is oh so often, its to the face and voice of the man who has hurt not only me but my sister
Kagra15 Kagra15
18-21, F
May 13, 2012