The Decision

Well, thats not quite true, I WILL be travelling around Australia starting April 2008. I made the decision two weeks agos but i still can't believe and i would like to share why. I am currently a twenty one year old registered nurse. I live in Surrey in a lovely apartment with a good friend. I have a good job and salary but i have always felt like I was missing something. I have a good life but there are no stories to tell other than... I went to Uni, got a good job and a great flat and I have reasonable wages to live off. My god, it makes me sound like I should be forty!!! Maybe others won't get this but it makes sense for me to give it all up for a while to chance backpacking around oz for a year without a single luxury. I have to be honest, I am petrified!!!!
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2007

Nah... I don't really want a companion to be honest. Australia is about everything being fresh but i see your point, it would be easier and it is a long way away. Things change. Strange thing is I have practically the whole thing planned!

April 2008 is a long way a way, you might find a traveling companion by then! <br />